“The way of water is a symbol that connects everything. When you die or before you're born. 

" To include the part where you're saying the movie's name out loud in the trailer, it's an alpha move.,  

It will likely cheer and scream for Leonardo on screen when it opens on December 16.  -The points will provoke. 

The concept was popularized when it was called the "circle of life." 

We are in the new trailer for Avatar.: The Way of Water has epic-seeming lines and other moments of grandeur.  

Space whales spawn on battleships; space jungles have man-made fire clad in fire and giant mechs exploding 

The Na'vi community and the Amara tribe have a minor political conflict. 

An aquamarine is going through the water. 

Zealdana became pregnant hunter Netiri while Stephen Lang was growing back in form.  

You must believe "I see you.", Sigourney Weaver is the adopted daughter of Kiri, Neytiri and Jake Sully.