Elon Musk has pulled more than 50 employees from his Twitter takeover.

New Twitter Owner Elon Musk has recalled his over 50 trusted Teslas Employees.

mostly software engineers, of the Autopilot team on the Twitter acquisition 

Musk, who is CEO of automaker Tesla and rocket maker SpaceX, completed his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter on October 28 and soon made a name for himself there 

He immediately fired the company's CEO, CFO, political and legal team leader, and also dissolved Twitter's board of directors.  

employees from other Musk companies are already allowed to work on Twitter 

including more than 50 from Tesla, two from the Boring Company and one from Neuralink (which built the brain computer it developed). . interface). 

Also involved are several of Musk's friends, advisors and supporters, including his family head office Jared Birchall 

business angel Jason Calacanis and PayPal founder, COO and venture capitalist David Sachs. 

The same is true for two people with Musk's last names, James and Andrew Musk, who work at Palantir and Neuralink, respectively.