Adani LIVE Updates : Bank of Baroda will continue lending to Adani Group

Adani LIVE Updates : Bank of Baroda will continue lending to Adani Group


Union Finance Secretary refers to the Adani Group row as “storm in teacup”. T V Somanathan stated that such fluctuations are normal. Stock market regulator Sebi stated that “unusual price movements in the stocks of business conglomerates” have been observed over the past week. It is committed to maintaining market integrity. SEBI stated that it will examine any information concerning specific entities and take appropriate action after due examination.


Reserve Bank of India stated that the current assessment of the banking sector shows that it remains resilient and stable.


According to the central bank, it keeps a close eye on the sector and individual banks in order to ensure financial stability.


Ashwath Damodaran rates Adani Enterprises at Rs947/share

Aswath Damodaran, a New York University finance professor, has valued Adani Enterprises as Rs947 per share.


He concluded that Adani Group had played loose with exchange listing rules and used intra-party transaction to make itself appear more credit-worthy than actually it is.


Kamal Nath, Congressman, wants ‘complete discussion and thorough probing’

He stated, “I am of the opinion that a thorough debate and probe must take place.” Nath claimed that people were dissatisfied with the BJP government of Madhya Pradesh, and that it would be thrown out at the Assembly elections.


Adani should be treated with the same love that Adani has shown to Adani by the Centre: KCR

K Chandrasekhar Rao, Telangana Chief Minister, attacked the Centre on Sunday over coal imports and Adani love.


“It is my request that the Prime Minister inform me that Adani Group is implicated in this huge scam. It should be brought up in a joint committee. He claimed that almost Rs10 lakh crore had been lost.


“Everyone knows Adani is your friend. He became the second-richest person in the world within two years. If you’re honest, create a joint committee of parliamentarians. Rao stated, “It is my demand.”


Is Hindenburg Research under investigation in US?

DoJ is currently investigating dozens of prominent companies for illegal trading techniques.

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