Attero Success Story: created a business valued at Rs 300 crore by turning trash into gold; see the complete story!

Attero Success Story: Due to their success, new startups in the world of startups continue to emerge in front of the public every day. In a similar vein, we’ve shared with you today the tale of a startup whose ground-breaking concept raised its valuation to Rs 300 crore.

In addition, this startup is helping to improve our environment, which is another reason why many people are always complimenting it. Indeed, we are referring to Attero Startup, a Noida-based company whose primary goal is to recycle electronic garbage or recover valuable metals from it.

Attero Success Story created a business valued at Rs 300 crore by turning trash into gold; see the complete story!
Attero Success Story created a business valued at Rs 300 crore by turning trash into gold; see the complete story!

Here, “Electronic Waste” refers to broken tablets, phones, and laptops. Tell us about the beginnings of this startup and how it grew to be a Rs 300 crore startup today.

This is the founder of Attero

Article TitleA company worth Rs 300 crore was created by converting garbage into gold.
Startup NameAttero Recycling
FounderRohan Gupta & Nitin Gupta
When StartedIn 2008
FY22 Revenue214 Crore
Based InIn Noida, India
Official Website

In 2008, Indian entrepreneurs Nitin and Rohan Gupta founded Attero Startup. Both Nitin and Rohan Gupta hold MBA degrees from the London Business School and are graduates of engineering. At a time when India was one of the world’s largest contributors of e-waste, the two of them made the decision to launch this firm.

Attero Success Story created a business valued at Rs 300 crore by turning trash into gold; see the complete story!

of addition, the growing demand for computers and mobile phones at the time contributed to an increase of e-waste in India. With this in mind, they both founded Attero in order to profit handsomely from e-waste while simultaneously helping the environment.

Many different kinds of metals, including gold, silver, aluminum, and copper, are removed from Attero laptops, mobile phones, televisions, tablets, and refrigerators these days.

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Li-ion batteries can also be recycled

As time went on, both founders Nitin and Rohan began conducting extensive study on the recycling of Li-ion batteries due to the growing prospects in the e-waste business. This is why, after some time and after his research proved fruitful, he began recycling Li-ion batteries in 2019.

Li-ion batteries make up a significant portion of E-Waste, and thanks to Attero’s recycling method, the company is now making a profit from Li-ion batteries.

The company has got 38 patents done

In order to prevent technology theft, Attero has patents covering 38 of its inventions, which will help them meet future problems.

Because Attero employs entirely novel technology in its recycling of Li-ion batteries, the company has also received a patent for this method.

Have earned up to Rs 300 crore

Attero is currently a profitable company, with revenue of approximately Rs 214 crore and a profit of Rs 40 crore in the most recent FY22, according to a study by Inc42.

Regarding FY23, the company states that they have generated approximately Rs 300 crore in revenue thus far, and this figure is expected to rise.

The company makes these products

For your information, Attero also offers its premium products—which include 99% Pure Cobalt Chips and Pharaceutical Grade Lithium Carbonate Products—in both domestic and foreign markets.

Their customers are also pretty pleased with their purchases, and their feedback is largely favorable.

Company will generate revenue of Rs 8000 crore

Attero is now only operating in a small number of locations, but in the near future, it plans to significantly expand its operations abroad. As a result, it is anticipated that the company’s income will rise to approximately Rs 8,000 crore over the course of the next three years. can handle it.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q : Which recycling business in India is the biggest?

Ans : The largest recycling firm in India, Attero, has played a significant role in recycling e-waste in the country.

Q : What location does Attero Company have?

Ans : The Attero Company is situated in India’s Noida city.

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