Bank Locker Rules 2023: Want to take a locker in a bank.. know about rent, rules..!

Bank Locker Rules 2023: Financial security is absolutely necessary for every family these days. Because there is a situation of not knowing when and what kind of events will happen. That is why we should guard our money and jewelry carefully. Only these will save us from any kind of trouble. Banks can be said to be the only suitable place to store valuables these days. Many people take lockers in the bank for this purpose. So far so good but before taking the locker one should have some understanding about it. Let’s know about that process completely.

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How to get a locker

There are some important rules to follow if taking a locker for the first time. If a person has an account in a bank then they can easily get a locker in that bank. Otherwise customers will have to wait for 6 months to 1 year. A ‘Memorandum of Letting’ has to be signed from the bank to get the locker. It contains all the information on how to use the locker.

How to get a joint locker?

One can apply for joint locker in bank instead of single. For this both persons have to come to the bank and sign a joint memorandum. But for this you can ask to open a savings account in the bank.

How much is the locker rent?

The rent depends on where the locker is located. Charges are determined based on locker size. Fares are different for metro, urban, semi-urban and rural areas. Most of the time banks take 2 to 3 years of rent from customers in advance. Depending on the city, this charge is between 1,500 to 20,000. Keep in mind that the locker rent of government banks is less than that of private banks.

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How to operate the locker..?

Bank Locker is very easy to use after getting it. Go to bank and inform about locker operation. The bank asks the identity card details like Aadhaar and PAN from the customer. Then the customer gets a key. The bank clerk will accompany you to the locker room, open the locker halfway and leave. Then you will have a second key. This will open the locker completely and complete the work. Then the clerk comes again and closes this locker completely.

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