Bollywood actress Rakhi was bitter before the opening ceremony at Dance Academy.


Mumbai police have arrested Rakhi Sawant, a Bollywood actress. Rakhi Sawant was arrested by the Amboli police in a case filed by Sherlyn. Sherlyn Chopra posted the news on Twitter.

Rakhi Sawant originally planned to open a dance academy on Thursday with Adil Durrani. The ceremony took place at 3 p.m. She was apparently taken into custody by the Amboli Police. Sherlyn Chopra stated that Rakhi Sawant’s anticipatory bail plea was rejected by the Mumbai Sessions Court.

Rakhi Sawant made disparaging remarks about Sherlyn Chopra’s comments last year against MeToo accuser Sajid Khan. On October 29, 2013, Sherlyn Chopra made a statement against Sajid Khalil. Police captured it. Sherlyn Chopra later claimed that Salman Khan protected Sajid Khan. Rakhi Sawant criticised Sherlin for leaving Sajid Khan behind. Rakhi was reprimanded by Sherlin.

Rakesh’s brother Rakesh replied to that and said that Rakesh’s sister’s error was not serious. They claimed that she couldn’t appear before the police deadline. They stated that they were all in support of Rakhi and will file a case against Sherlyn.

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