Police officer won Rs 1.5 crore on Dream 11 but then lost his job, know what is the matter

Dream 11: Everyone is watching the World Cup matches that are now taking place in our nation, India. Everyone is expecting that India, our country, will take home the World Cup championship this year. However, there are more TV commercials for hitting applications like Dream 11 and others now that the World Cup is underway.

Because of this, more people are currently using these betting applications because they provide the chance to win larger sums of money with only a little initial stake. Because of this, the majority of users download these betting apps on their phones and continue to wager with their earnings in the hopes of increasing their winnings.

Dream 11: All eyes are on the World Cup matches that are now being played in India. It is widely anticipated that India, our nation, will win the World Cup this year. But now that the World Cup is started, there are more TV ads for popular applications like Dream 11 and others.

Because these betting apps provide the opportunity to win bigger amounts of money with a smaller initial investment, more people are currently using them. For this reason, most users download these betting applications to their phones and keep using their profits to place bets in the hopes of winning more money.

There is currently news circulating about the betting app Dream 11, where a police officer wagered and earned Rs 1.5 crore; nevertheless, he lost his job as a result. Tell us the whole story, please.

On Dream 11, a police officer wins Rs. 1.5 crore.

Police officer won Rs 1.5 crore on Dream 11 but then lost his job, know what is the matter

A Pune city police officer formed his own Dream 11 team and earned almost Rs 1.5 crore, according to news reports. This police officer is called Somnath Jhande, and he works for the Maharashtra Police as a Sub Inspector.

In one of the matches this World Cup season, he batted on Dream 11, which helped him win about Rs 1.5 crore. However, he eventually had to lose his job.

dismissed from the position

Police Sub Inspector Somnath Jhande’s win of Rs 1.5 crore on Dream 11 caused a lot of people to hear about it. As a result, this issue even got to the attention of numerous senior police officers. Senior police officers ordered an investigation against the flag as soon as they learned about the incident.

Because of this, Jhande faced severe consequences following the conclusion of the inquiry, including the termination of his police career. The investigation revealed that Jhande had engaged in online gaming without authorization, which is illegal. He was sacked from his position as a result.


This is what the investigation team said.

Following the conclusion of their inquiry into the Somnath flag issue, the investigative team stated that they had discovered that he had played the Dream11 game without authorization, for which he was suspended. This will serve as another reminder to other law enforcement officers to abstain from playing online games in this way, as doing so may result in disciplinary action.

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