Five tips for choosing the best health insurance for your family in India

Have you been feeling low lately, or is someone in your house undergoing any medical treatment? If yes, then are you insured? Oh, you are confused about health insurance, don’t worry; in this blog, you will be able to understand what health insurance is and get tips to choose the best health insurance for your family.

Brief information on Health insurance

Health insurance is also known as medical insurance; it is a kind of insurance that usually covers a major part of the incurring medical emergencies.

You might have encountered situations when you needed someone’s help, but no one was standing beside you. In such a situation, you can’t blame others; instead, you should step towards being smart. A health insurance company can’t provide you with emotional support so that you might have your family. But health insurance can help you financially in the worst time of your life.

Suppose you choose to have health insurance for your family. In that case, you might enjoy financial protection in medical emergencies, access to excellent healthcare facilities at minimal cost, and much more.

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Tips for choosing the best health insurance

Health insurance plays an essential role in all of our lives; while choosing health insurance, it is very important to check some important factors like coverage, plans, tenure, network, cost, reputation and much more. So, in brief, let’s know about some of the most important tips you should consider while choosing a health insurance policy.


The word ‘coverage’ means to check the overall coverage of the health insurance policy you are considering for yourself and your family. Here, the term coverage means to select a health insurance policy which covers all medical expenses like ambulance charges, hospitalization expenses, critical illness cover, daycare expenses, cashless treatment, etc. Also, keep an eye on the range of medical problems covered under health insurance and for a better experience, consider insurance with a wide range of medical treatments.

To select the right coverage, you should analyze your as well as the needs of your family. This analysis will let you understand the needs and demands of healthcare that your family requires. Accordingly, you can choose the right coverage health insurance for your family.

While choosing health insurance, don’t be in a hurry; take your time, research and compare different health insurance policies to enjoy the benefits of your insurance.

Choose family health plans.

Are you a family person? If yes, why are you considering buying an individual health insurance policy? Prefer to buy family floater plans. Confused about what is family floater plan? Don’t worry; in this section of the blog, you will understand what a family health plan is and why you should choose it over individual health insurance.

Family floater plans usually cover the entire family in terms of health insurance. These family health policies are bought by the individuals who want to ensure the whole family is under a health care plan. In such a case, buying individual plans for every member might be expensive, so you should choose Family floater plans.

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You might have experienced that you thought to have health insurance for your parents, but luckily, they stayed healthy, but you met with an accident. So, stop thinking that only senior citizens or people suffering from any disease might need health insurance. Instead, you and your whole family might require a healthcare facility at any point in life, so you prefer to choose family health insurance plans and stay relaxed.

Lifetime renewability plan

Life is unpredictable, and so are situations. You never know what will happen tomorrow or in the next 5 minutes. It might happen that you are driving back to your home from the office, you are fit, but suddenly your blood pressure rises, and you might have a heart attack. Don’t worry; this was just an example to make you understand that life can not be predicted by anyone.

You might have heard that ‘precaution is better than cure. In terms of health insurance, you might not keep yourself safe from falling ill, but you will be able to secure yourself from financial issues you could face when you come across any medical emergency.

Buying health insurance plans for a few months or years might not be as helpful as life plans. It would help if you chose a plan for a lifetime that can be renewed. Lifetime renewability plans let you secure your future in several ways as you are not sure about your financial status in the coming future, nor are you aware of the health issue you might face in old age. So, choosing lifetime renewability healthcare insurance for a family is always a smarter idea.

Network of hospitals

Every insurance company covers a separate network of hospitals, which is another important factor you should consider before choosing health insurance.

Usually, people avoid checking the list of hospitals in the health insurance brochure, which is a major mistake they can ever make. One needs to check the hospital’s network and location properly.

Consider choosing plans with a wide range of networks, good hospitals and hospitals in your nearby areas. You never know what health issue you or your family might face or when an emergency can arise. So, in this case, choosing a plan with reputed and nearby hospitals would greatly help you.

The reputation of a health insurance company

While you are planning to buy health insurance for your family, it is very important to check coverage, the network of hospitals, lifetime renewability, and family health plans.

Other than these important factors, you should gather information about the health insurance company because the reputation of the health insurance company plays an important role. In today’s era, several companies offer health insurance plans but choosing the best one might be the most difficult task.

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But don’t worry, the 21st century has a boon with them: technology. You can search online and check the reviews of the health insurance company before buying a plan. Do not rely only on the pieces of information available on the internet. Instead, you should also ask people around you about the health insurance company you are considering choosing.


Health insurance plays an essential role in our lives. People usually make mistakes when choosing the best health insurance for their families. The above five tips mentioned in the blog should be considered before choosing any healthcare plan. There are several other things you should consider, like choosing plans with low PED, checking the waiting period clause, checking the co-payment clause and many other things.


1)What are the benefits of health insurance?

There are several benefits of choosing a health insurance policy, and some of them are mentioned below.

  • Return on investment
  • Enhanced healthcare coverage
  • Life stage planning
  • Assured income benefits
  • Cashless treatment facility

2)What are the features of health insurance?

Some of the most important features of health insurance are Pre-Existing Diseases, Co-payment, Pre & Post Hospitalization Expenses, Exclusions, No Claim bonuses, Premiums and many others.

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