Hardik and Ishaan was furious at the third umpires error

Hardik Pandya was ejected in the early stages of the first ODI against New Zealand. Mitchell was declared to have bowled Hardik. The replay revealed that Hardik was bowled by Mitchell. Hardik was not even touched by the ball. Everyone was shocked when the third umpire left. Ishan performed the same scene after Latham arrived to bat.

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In the first ODI against New Zealand, India scored 349 runs and lost 8 wickets at Hyderabad. Shubman Gill (28) was the only batsman to score a double century. None of the other players could reach a half-century. The third umpire’s decision about Hardik Pandya being dismissed in this match is now controversial. Hardik Pandya was dismissed by the umpire in the 39.4th Over of Darrell Mitchell’s innings.



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Hardik did not play Mitchell’s ball.. behind wickets.. When the ball was passed to Tom Latham, the Kiwis wicket keeper and captain of the team.. Latham was very close.. His gloves touched the wickets. The lights went on as soon as the bail was down. The umpire resigned. Latham requested a review as he felt his gloves were touching the bails.



Anantha Padmanabhan the third umpire, who had seen the reviews many times, also checked Ultra Edge. She suspected that Hardik had been hit by the ball. The ball didn’t touch the wicket at any point. The bails lights were turned on after the ball was dropped in the hands Latham, who was behind the wickets. The third umpire decided to throw it out. Everyone was shocked when the third umpire appeared, even though it was clear that it wasn’t out. This matter was also brought up by commentators. Hardik, who scored 28 runs from 38 balls, was outed by an umpiring error. The fifth wicket was taken by Hardik (28 runs off 38 balls).


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If there is not clear evidence that the batter is out, the umpire will rule in favor of him. The replay clearly shows that the ball didn’t touch the wickets. It is notable that the umpire was able to come out.


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The bails were dropped when Michael Braswell’s next ball hit Tom Latham’s gloves. Shubman Gill bats this time. But the umpire didn’t come out.



Hardik Pandya wasn’t out, but the third umpire was. Ishan Kishan, Indian wicketkeeper, repeated the same scene when Tom Latham entered the crease. Kuldeep Yadav was outfield by Latham. Ishan, standing behind the wickets and touching the stumps with his right hand, was bailed. After being bail, he appealed. The rest of Indian cricketers did not get it and appealed. This was laughed at by the young wicket keeper. Ishan handed this jhalak over to the Kiwis captain, who hit Hardik with his gloves.

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