How is healthcare different in the USA from India?

India, officially known as the Republic of India, is located in South Asia. By area, it is the 7th largest country, and if you go through the statistics of India’s population, you will know that it ranks second in the population category. The country is known for its rich culture, history, monuments, spirituality, religion and traditions.

healthcare different in the USA from India

In India, you might find the model of multiplayer universal healthcare. The country ensures its citizens with public and private healthcare services. If you want free or low-cost services, you can go to public hospitals. There are several funds and schemes which cover the medical necessities of the local people. One can enjoy the benefits of Ayushman Bharat, Employee state insurance, National insurance company and many others.

How is healthcare different in the USA from India?

The United States is a developed country with 50 states, five major unincorporated territories, a federal district, and 9 minor outlying islands. The country ranks third in the category of both total area and land. It shares its borders with Mexico to its south and Canada to its north. In the United States, a population of approximately 331 million resides, which ranks third in the list of populations, just after India.

Healthcare in the USA far outspends in healthcare compared to other nations. It is the only developed nation which lacks a universal healthcare system. The United States has worse healthcare outcomes compared to peer nations. In the country, healthcare is usually provided by distinct organisations, and private sector businesses mainly own healthcare facilities.

Differences between the healthcare system of India and the USA

The USA and India are great countries with numerous facilities and opportunities. But when we talk about the healthcare system of these countries, we might note several differences. So, let us discuss some of the differences in brief.


India: In India, you might find the universal and decentralised system of healthcare which is usually managed by the state and central government.

United States: Healthcare in the USA lacks a universal healthcare system, creating many issues for the country’s people.


India: Clinics and hospitals in India are managed by the government and private bodies. Under the state government, approximately 75% of the clinics and hospitals provide tertiary, secondary and primary healthcare.

United States: In the United States, the healthcare system is in the hands of the private sector, and the country’s government provides facilities only to those who are incapable or unemployed.


India: In India, a minor percentage of the population is covered by medical insurance. Also, the awareness in the country is very low, and people lack an understanding of insurance and its benefits.

United States: Healthcare in the USA is covered by a different range of insurance, but they are very costly, so not everyone can enjoy its advantages.

Water and sanitation

India: India has good healthcare facilities, but when it comes to water and sanitation, here is where the country lacks. If the least attention is paid to sanitation, you might find the poor quality of water.

United States: United States is a developed country and focuses a lot on good quality water and sanitation.


India: Several Indian clinics and hospitals in India are run by the government, which has comparatively poor maintenance and might find them unclean and unhygienic.

United States: In the United States, you can find much cleaner toilets and other stuff, making healthcare in the USA a better option.

Patient care

India: In Indian hospitals, patient care has been better than it used to be, but it still needs much improvement.

United States: Healthcare in the USA is a plus point because of the patient care. Over there, the nurses and other staff are very polite and caring as compared to India.

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Differentiation in States

India: The healthcare system in India is almost the same in all the states, so healthcare policies in the country have the same rules across the country.

United States: Things in the United States might differ in different states. The health insurance provisions and rules differ from state to state.


India: In India, the government allocates approximately 5% of the GDP to healthcare.

United States: In the case of budget, the United States spends approximately 16% of the GDP on healthcare.


India: Indian healthcare is quite affordable as there are numerous government hospitals, facilities and schemes because of which people can enjoy free or nominal charges for their treatments. If you go to private hospitals, you need to pay the complete amount, but the government tries to pay approximately 70% back.

United States: Healthcare in the USA is very expensive compared to other countries like India, Switzerland, Netherlands and many others. The government pays only 10- 12% back to the people, because of which the country’s healthcare system is considered worse.


India: If you are in India, you can easily buy medicines from the counters or pharmacies with or without a prescription sometimes.

United States: In a country like the USA, it’s difficult to get medicines so easily, like in India.


India: In a country like India, doctors also prescribe medicines without examinations. It is only a very rare time when you might have to go through examinations. On average, a doctor can see approximately sixty patients in three hours. So, in India, a doctor can give time to many patients in less duration.

United States: Examination is a norm in healthcare in the USA. Doctors here spend more time on every patient, and it is necessary to go through an examination before prescribing medicines. It takes a long time in the USA to see a doctor because the procedure is lengthy.


India: The doctors in India are quite efficient, and you can get an idea of this as the life expectancy at birth is 63/66.

United States: In the USA, the life expectancy at birth is approximately 76/81.


Healthcare in the USA and India are very different, especially regarding examination, cost, budget, structure, infrastructure and cleanliness. But both countries are trying to manage and cope with their flaws so that the citizens can enjoy the best healthcare facilities.

Not everyone is perfect, so there’s something or the other wrong with the healthcare system of the United States and India. The countries need to focus a lot on their negative points so that they can make improvements.

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