LEO 3 Weeks Collections: A record-breaking 215 crore was raised in just 3 weeks.

LEO 3 Weeks Collections : Numerous celebrities are expanding the scope with their own films across South India. Among these heroes is Kollywood’s biggest star, Ilayadalapathy Vijay. He is searching for a hit of that level after “Master.” At first, there was conflicting discussion. However, there was a great response. This led to a range in the movie’s collection. View the global ‘Leo’ movie collections in 21 days against this backdrop!

LEO 3 Weeks Collections A record-breaking 215 crore was raised in just 3 weeks.

Vijay as Leo:

Tamil actor Vijay’s most recent picture is “Leo.” Lalith Kumar and Jagadish Palaniswami produced this action picture, which was directed by the sensational Lokesh Kanagaraj. The soundtrack for it was composed by Anirudh. In this, Trisha is the protagonist. Arjun Sarja plays important roles, and Sanjay Dutt plays the antagonist.

Leo Business Details:

The anticipated release of Vijay-Lokesh’s ‘Leo’ followed ‘Master’. These rights were therefore purchased for extremely high costs. In this manner, the movie broke box office records worldwide, earning a staggering Rs. 215 crore before its premiere.

LEO 3 Weeks Collections A record-breaking 215 crore was raised in just 3 weeks.

21st Day Telugu Collections :

Even though he is a Kollywood hero, Ilayadalapathy Vijay is as well-liked in Telugu. For this reason, Sitara Entertainments released the film “Leo” in a massively popular manner. It collected well the first week, but in the third week, it dropped off significantly. Accordingly, the movie brought in just Rs. 3 lakhs on the 21st day in the Telugu states.

Total for 21 days:

The film ‘Leo’ has made a lot of money in Telugu states in just 21 days. Consequently, the gross collection was Rs. 46.98 crore (Rs. 25.81 crore share) plus Rs. 10.18 crore in Nizam, Rs. 4.72 crore in seeded, Rs. 3.13 crore in Uttarandhra, Rs. 2.00 crore in East, Rs. 1.05 crore in West, Rs. 1.89 crore in Guntur, Rs. 1.66 crore in Krishna, and Rs. 1.18 crore in Nellore.

LEO 3 Weeks Collections A record-breaking 215 crore was raised in just 3 weeks.

How much worldwide:

Vijay’s film “Leo” made Rs. 209.20 crores in 21 days, with Telugu states earning Rs. 46.98 crores, Karnataka earning Rs. 40.10 crores, Kerala earning Rs. 59.05 crores, the rest of India earning Rs. 36.20 crores, and overseas earning Rs. 192.60 crores. This film has made Rs. 584.13 crores in revenue so far, with Rs. 294.20 crores coming from its part of the sensation.

Target and Profit of Leo

Anticipations were high for Vijay’s film “Leo,” which brought in Rs. 215 crore in revenue in just 21 days. That is, in addition to hit status and profit of Rs. 78.20 crores. In Telugu, a transaction costs Rs. 16 crores. This indicates that the film, which had a 17 crore rupee profit projection, made 8.81 crores.

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