Lottery News: This person gets Rs 5.6 lakh for free every month from Dubai, know what is the matter!


Lottery News: You have probably seen characters play the lotto in a number of Bollywood films, and you also know how winning the lotto can completely change a person’s life. In addition, someone from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu recently experienced something similar. After all, how does someone become wealthy over night after winning the lottery?

Lottery News This person gets Rs 5.6 lakh for free every month from Dubai, know what is the matter!
Lottery News This person gets Rs 5.6 lakh for free every month from Dubai, know what is the matter!

Our nation’s Tamil Nadu state resident’s entire life has transformed as a result of his massive lottery win. We are aware that you are unaware of this Tamil Nadu resident, but in today’s post, we will learn more about him and how his life has altered as a result of his lottery victory (Lottery News).

We are discussing Mangesh Kumar Natarajan, an Indian resident of the state of Tamil Nadu. Tell us how Mangesh won the lottery and what he took home from this enormous reward.

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Here, we are discussing Mangesh Kumar Natarajan, an Indian citizen. Mangesh is an Indian project manager who is employed in India. We should also mention that Mangesh has a great love of travel and has made numerous trips to Dubai. In addition, he spent four years working in Saudi Arabia from 2019 until the beginning of this year. As a result of his frequent trips to Dubai, he has information on the Fast Five Emirates Draw lottery that is held there.

As a result, he decided to deposit his money in the Emirates Draw lottery one day, and even he was shocked by what transpired with Mangesh Kumar Natarajan. He just received a call from Emirates Draw informing him that he had won the lotto.

Mangesh thought he had won the jackpot when he heard this and leaped for delight. Mangesh will continue to get 25000 Dhiram, or Indian Rupees 5.6 lakh, free from Dubai each month for the next 25 years, based on the results of this lottery.

Following their lottery victory, the winner stated this.

once winning the lotto, Mangesh Kumar Natarajan of the Indian news agency PTI remarked that he was first unable to accept it but that day was the finest day of his life once he eventually came to realize it. It turned into the most joyful day.

Mangesh added that he had many difficulties in his early years finishing his education, but that many people had supported him during those difficulties, and it is now how he is able to live off the lottery winnings. We will assist those in the community who require education by doing this.

Although Indian resident Mohammad Adil Khan has previously won the Emirates Draw lottery in Dubai, he is the first winner of this lottery to have won outside of Dubai since Mangesh Kumar Natarajan.

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