Mansion 24 Series Cast: The hottest horror series, watch it at your own risk

Friends, the most popular forms of entertainment among people are movies and web series. People love to watch online series and movies. And turn your leisure time into fun. Millions of people watch their favorite movies and web series on Disney+ Hotstar, which has grown to be a very popular over-the-top platform.

A terrifying and intense horror series has recently debuted on Disney + Hotstar; viewers with weak hearts won’t be able to handle it. This is a series you have to see if you enjoy watching thriller and horror television shows. Here I am, friends. However, I am referring to the Mention 24 series. The Disney+ Hotstar series Mansion 24, which debuted on October 19, is receiving a lot of positive feedback from viewers. Today’s post will discuss the cast of the Mansion 24 television series.

Mansion 24 Series Cast: The hottest horror series, watch it at your own risk
Mansion 24 Series Cast: The hottest horror series, watch it at your own risk

Cast list for the Mansion 24 series

A short-lived horror series called Mansion 24 was made available in Telugu. There are now six episodes available, each lasting at least thirty minutes. Om Kar is the director of this series. Friends, this thing is made up of many different kinds of stories that eventually come together.

Let me inform you that the film was launched on Disney+ Hotstar on October 17, 2023, and that the main characters in this series will be Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, Avika Gaur, Satya Raj, and Bindu Mahadevi. This series is a mystery conspiracy horror thriller.

Hua Lakshmi plays the character of Amrita in the show. In doing so, Satya Raj appears to be playing Kalidas. In addition to these two characters, the main parts will also be portrayed by Bindu Mahadevi and Avika Gaur.

Actor nameCharacter name
Varalakshmi SarathkumarAs Amrutha
SathyarajAs Kalidas
Avika GorAs Swapna
Bindu mahadeviAs Sultana
Archana JoisAs Radhika
Rao Ramesh 

Story of the Mansion 24 Series

Amrit, a young girl in this series, is looking for her father, who has gone missing. who, in a very scary mansion, he had last seen. Will Amrit, the protagonist of this tale, discover what happened to her father in the mansion or be able to locate him at all? You can watch the entire series if you’re interested in learning the solution to this query.

If you were going to watch this series by yourself, you should immediately change your mind since it would be better for you to watch it with a buddy or someone close to you because the show contains some extremely scary and hazardous moments that could frighten you. See this series with Kulig, please.

Trailer for Mansion 24

This series’ teaser debuted on the Disney+ Hotstar YouTube channel three weeks ago today. Over a million people have viewed the trailer thus far. Let me tell you that this trailer also elicited a really positive response from the public. You can see that there are a lot of scary scenes and deadly action in the trailer.

Mansion 24, The girl is first seen in the teaser with the menacing Sen. She declares, “I am not the daughter of any traitor,” and she begins looking for her father’s unidentified whereabouts. This is the focal point of the entire story.

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