Outer ring rail project around Hyderabad For the first time in the country

The outer ring rail project is going to come up parallel to the Hyderabad Regional Ring Road. Union Minister Kishan Reddy revealed this. With the arrival of this project in Hyderabad, more development will be achieved in the business and commercial sectors.

Competing with the cities of the world, Hyderabad leaps forward in all fields. World’s leading companies are queuing up for Hyderabad. The number of people coming to the city for educational and employment opportunities from all over the country is increasing day by day. The state government will arrange all kinds of facilities for this. Hyderabad city is growing as a global city. At such a time, Union Minister Kishan Reddy revealed that the Outer Ring Rail Project will come to Hyderabad. He said that the Center is making arrangements for this. With the Regional Ring Road and the Outer Ring Rail also coming up, Hyderabad’s reputation will increase further.

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Union Minister Kishan Reddy said that the outer ring rail project will come parallel to the regional ring road. With this decision taken by the Centre, Telangana is on the path of further development. The minister said that the details of the project related to the outer ring train have been provided to the Telangana state government. The Minister said that the outer ring rail project is being undertaken for the first time in the country. The minister revealed that this ring rail project will help in the transport and business sectors. But for the Outer Ring Rail Project survey, the Center will spend Rs. Minister Kishan Reddy clarified that 14 crores have been allocated. As part of the second phase of MMTS, the Railway Board has decided to take up the works from Ghat Kesar to Rayagiri. The Indian Railway Department has decided to complete the second phase of MMTS as soon as possible.

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