OYO Hotel New Rule 2023: Government made changes in OYO rules, must know before taking girlfriend

OYO Hotel New Rule: Growth of cities is accelerating as activity levels rise in India. Guest rooms, homestays and oyo hotels are springing up everywhere. However, as time passes, illegal activities are increasing in these areas, and these areas have become dens of debauchery. However, the government recently changed the restrictions governing Oyo Hotels. Let’s know about the new rules.

Many illegal guest houses, home stays and OYO hotels have now sprung up in cities and towns. Many types of illegal activities happen daily in these hotels and guest houses. In such a situation, the government has proposed new rules to bring these hotels and guest houses into the legal process. This deal is applicable on any hotel, guest house, homestay or OYO hotel among others.

It will be absolutely necessary to register them. The security norms of these hotels will be established on the basis of complete details of their guests. All hotels will be required to follow these guidelines otherwise their establishments will remain closed. The police is also working on increasing the accountability of the people running these hotels. As commerce and economic operations expand in cities and towns, so do tourist arrivals.

As a result, the demand for guest houses, hotels and homestays is increasing. Many hotels have come up recently in the streets around us, but they do not follow any norms or regulations.

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It had become important for the government to make rules to stop such illegal guest houses, homestays and OYO hotels. We suspected for a long time that smuggling, prostitution and other criminal activities were taking place in these hotels and guest houses.

This work is going on despite government raids on hotels, guest houses and home stays. That’s why the government has made strict rules and regulations to ban these motels.

According to Home Department officials, these organizations are increasingly taking advantage of gaps in the existing norms and regulations to evade legal action. In the absence of registration, it has become difficult to inform and investigate such motels.

no security arrangements

Furthermore, some hotels do not have comprehensive fire protection, medical or tourist facilities. For example, not having CCTV or failing to provide any form of identification when people arrive.

In such a situation, it is very difficult to identify the culprit in any type of accident. All these cases are on the rise; To ban these, the government has made rules which will be implemented soon.

The Home Department will launch an online site to start compulsory registration of hotels, guest houses and other homestays under the new guidelines. In which those institutions will be sealed or joined if certain conditions are not met.

Otherwise, they will be permanently banned. If any irregularity is found, those institutions will be barred from doing business for life.

Rules have been made for the guests as well.

It will be important for customers visiting these hotels to follow certain rules; They will not be allowed to enter the hotel without identity card and will have to cooperate with any legal action.

Later, if there is an accident, they may be called to investigate, and their presence will be necessary; Otherwise, this law provides for fines and penalties for them.

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