Swiggy Platform Fee: Ordering food from Swiggy more expensive now, as you’ll have to pay 50% more than before!

Swiggy Platform Fee

Swiggy Platform Fee: Nowadays, ordering meals from restaurants has never been easier thanks to apps like Zomato and Swiggy that allow us to get delectable restaurant cuisine delivered right to our doors. However, after hearing this news, you will probably find it a little more difficult to have food delivered to your house.

This is being said since it may now be somewhat expensive to order food from Swiggy. We say this, but why? Tell us the whole story and how much ordering meals from Swiggy may cost.

Swiggy Platform Fee: Ordering food from Swiggy may become a bit more expensive now, as you'll have to pay 50% more than before!

Swiggy increased its platform fees

Currently, you have to pay ₹ 2 to the Swiggy platform if you order anything to eat at home from any restaurant using the Swiggy program. However, this price was raised from ₹2 to ₹3, therefore going forward, you will be required to pay ₹3 for the platform each time you order food from Swiggy.

We would also want to inform you that as of October 4, 2023, Swiggy will be charging ₹ 3 for its platform.

Swiggy Platform Fee: Ordering food from Swiggy may become a bit more expensive now, as you'll have to pay 50% more than before!

Zomato is charging so much platform fees

Zomato is Swiggy’s main rival in the meal delivery market. It is important for you to know that Zomato presently charges ₹ 2 platform fee on its platform. This means that users ordering food from Zomato must pay ₹ 2 platform cost. As.

While it has been observed that Zomato charges a ₹3 platform fee in some locations, the company has not yet provided an explanation for this.

Swiggy Platform Fee will be increased further

Some reports state that Swiggy raised its platform fees initially in Hyderabad and Bengaluru, but it has now done so nationwide. As a result, everyone must pay Swiggy a ₹3 platform charge.

In addition to the delivery fees and other amounts we are required to pay Swiggy, we also pay platform fees. There are already rumors that Swiggy plans to raise its platform fees even further in the near future, while no formal reports have surfaced as of yet.

Swiggy company has given this statement

A Swiggy representative recently told ET that there haven’t been any significant adjustments to the platform pricing. We currently charge ₹3 for platform fees in the majority of the cities, which is standard practice for the sector.

Although we currently have no intentions to make any changes to the firm, we will notify you all immediately if we do make any in the near future.

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Q :  In India, how many people use Swiggy?

Ans : In India, Swiggy is utilized by over 50 million people, according to a research from 2021.

Q : Who is Swiggy’s founder?

Ans : Two men, Nandan Reddy and Sriharsh Majhi, founded the Swiggy company in 2014.

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