Thela Gaadi Story: To everyone’s astonishment, this man made millions of rupees this year solely from selling socks!

Thela Gaadi Story: Many different kinds of new companies are currently being founded in India every day, and everyone is impressed by the success stories of many of these startups. As a result, we’ve brought you a startup’s narrative from the world of startups today, which will greatly motivate you once you hear it.

We will tell you about the startup today. By selling socks alone, the startup’s founder has grown his company to a multi-crore enterprise.

We are discussing the startup Thela Gaadi, whose founder is Kapil Garg. Everyone believed that Kapil had lost his mind and that he had gone insane when he launched Thela Gaadi, but today Kapil has stopped them all from speaking.

Thela Gaadi Story To everyone's astonishment, this man made millions of rupees this year solely from selling socks!

Thus, we will read about Thela Gaadi Story in today’s article and learn how Kapil turned this company into a multi-crore enterprise.

Left job and started business

Thela Gaadi‘s founder, Kapil Garg, launched his company in 2018. While Kapil was employed as an engineer in a large corporation, he had the notion to launch this startup.

While he was gazing at his socks, Kapil realized that there isn’t much innovation in clothing these days and that the market is filled with quite plainly designed clothing.

In order to address this issue, Kapil quit his engineering career and founded Thela Gaadi.

Made a company worth crores by selling socks

During the early stages of Thela Gaadi, Kapil began creating custom-designed socks to be sold through this enterprise. Thela Gaadi gave Kapil thousands of rupees in his first year of business since people began to like his innovative sock style.

As the firm developed, Kapil, the founder, introduced numerous new design products to the market, including boxer shorts, handkerchiefs, and eye masks.

Today, Kapil has grown Thela Gaadi into a multi-crore business with the aid of all these goods; in FY23, the company brought in almost Rs 1.8 crore in revenue.

Thela Gaadi products are so cheap

Thela Gaadi Story To everyone's astonishment, this man made millions of rupees this year solely from selling socks!

The nicest thing about Kapil’s business is that everyone can simply purchase his new design products because he has kept all of his products at Thela Gaadi extremely low.

Thela Gaadi solely sells its products online; you may view them on both their own website and All of the handcart company’s items are readily available for purchase for between ₹ 59 and ₹ 799.

Reports indicate that this company’s sales could surpass Rs 8 crore in the upcoming year. Because he didn’t listen to anyone and instead had complete faith in his ideas and abilities, Kapil was able to succeed with Thela Gaadi.

Thela Gaadi Story Overview

Article TitleThela Gaadi Story
Startup NameThela Gaadi
FounderKapil Garg
HomeplaceJaipur, India
Thela Gaadi Revenue (FY 2023)₹1.8 Crore
Official Website

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FAQ: Thela Gaadi Story

Q : Who is Thela Gaadi Company’s founder?

Ans : Kapil Garg is the creator of Thela Gaadi business.

Q : What is Thela Gaadi’s earnings for this year?

Ans : Thela Gaadi’s revenue for this FY23 is estimated to be around ₹ 1.8 crore.

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