Thriller Web Series OTT: 5 best thriller and mystery web series of South which will shake your heart.

Thriller web series: Web series are becoming a fantastic approach to reach viewers’ hearts in the current digital era. Now, South Asian online series are drawing viewers to OTT platforms alongside Hindi web series. Here, we’ll introduce you to five such South Thriller web series that will blow your mind and provide an incredible weekend in addition to having intriguing plots.

Thriller Web Series OTT 5 best thriller and mystery web series of South which will shake your heart.
Thriller Web Series OTT 5 best thriller and mystery web series of South which will shake your heart.

Thriller web series make the viewer think in addition to entertaining them. Humanity, social issues, and several societal topics are covered here. The audience learns more about themselves and makes an effort to comprehend societal problems as a result of these stories.

1. Fingertip (Fingertip Thriller web series)

Fingertip (Fingertip Thriller web series)

ZEE5 is home to the Telugu crime, mystery, and thriller web series Finger Tip. The impact of social media has been thrillingly demonstrated in this series. It demonstrates the true costs of errors and their potential repercussions. Your sense of alertness will increase while you glance at the fingertip.

When applied properly, science can be beneficial; yet, when applied improperly, it can be detrimental.

These days, we rely a great deal on technology. Our cellphones are used for a variety of purposes, such as dating, shopping, relationship maintenance, and opinion expression. The more we rely on technology, the more it consumes us.

The story Fingertip is about technological abuse. The program demonstrates how people’s lives may be ruined by technological abuse. Zee5 has the Telugu thriller web series available in Hindi.

2. Police Diary 2.0

Police Diary 2.0

A crime-action online series called Police Diary 2.0 chronicles the adventures of the Special Task Force. You’ll be terrified and drawn into the intricate web of twists and turns as you read it. Every minute of watching Police Diary 2.0 will excite you.

3. PubGoa


The plot of the thriller-drama web series Pubg Goa centers on what happens in a virtual game. The game turns out to be risky for the players as well as for what’s going on in their immediate surroundings. This series’ violent, passionate, and spooky plot guarantees your thrill.

4. Locked


A doctor is at the center of the crime, mystery, and drama web series Locked. This series ensnares you in the company of an unidentified, horrible individual, from whom you can never truly escape. In this series, discover undiscovered mysteries and venture into a new realm.



ZEE5 is home to the gripping horror, thriller, mystery, and drama web series HIGH PRIESTESS. The narrative presents moments in Tarot reader Swathi Reddy’s life as she confronts her supernatural abilities. A unusual and dangerous voyage filled with mysteries and unexplained incidents awaits viewers on this series.

You will be both amazed and astounded after viewing all of these suspenseful web series. Take advantage of this unique opportunity this weekend by watching these programs with your loved ones.

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