Top 10 habits and foods to improve eyesight

Our eyes are precious to us. We can perceive the colour, texture and beautiful sights around us. Not only that, good eyesight is necessary to do many crucial things in our daily lives. But they can weaken as we age or due to  lack of care. And that is why it is important to take good care of our eyes. Taking adequate care of your eyes will ensure better eyesight. You can make positive lifestyle and dietary changes to maintain healthy eyes.

Top 10 habits and foods to improve eyesight

A healthy lifestyle is necessary for your eyes. Also, you must protect them from harsh situations for better eye health. Here we will discuss 10 healthy habits and foods to improve eyesight.

Take your sleep seriously

Healthy sleeping habits can help to improve our overall well-being. Sleep is the time your body gets rest. You may not understand, but your eyes, too, get tired after a long day, and a good night’s sleep helps to rejuvenate them. Late nights and extended working hours stress the eyes. You can improve youreyesightby maintaining healthy sleeping patterns.

Thus, take your sleep seriously, as it is part of your everyday eye care.

Eat leafy greens

Many experts suggest that vegetables, especially leafy greens, can improve eyesight. Greens, such as spinach, collard and kale are beneficial for your eye health. These vegetables are rich in zeaxanthin,  carotenoid lutein, and vitamins E and C. They are popular for improving eyesight and reducing the chances of severe eye diseases. Including these leafy greens in your diet will benefit your eyes and overall health.

Say yes to sunglasses –

Sunglasses are not just for making you look cool; they primarily protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. UV rays are harsh on your eyes and can increase the chances of macular degeneration and cataract. Wraparound glasses effectively help to cover your eyes, unlike polarized sunglasses. You must choose a pair of glasses that offer 99% to 100% eye protection from UVB and UVA rays. They will help to improve eyesight and will keep your eyes healthy.

Fishes can save you

You may know about the various health benefits of eating fish. But did you know that fish are extremely beneficial for your eyes? And whether you are a lover of fish or not, you must consider eating fish to protect your eyes from various diseases. Omega 3 fatty acids- EPA and DHA are necessary for your retinas to function properly, and fish, especially fatty fishes like tuna, salmon and trout, are rich in these.

 Lack of fatty acids in the retina can result in dry eyes. So, take care of your eyes and eat fish and other seafood to help you avoid severe eye diseases like glaucoma and AMD.

Top 10 habits and foods to improve eyesight

Stop smoking

A healthy lifestyle is crucial to maintain eye health. Smoking is not good for our health, but it can harshly affect our eyes and impact our eyesight. Smoking can damage your optic nerve and make you prone to macular degeneration and cataracts. Quitting smoking can improve eyesight and reduce the chances of eye problems. If you are a smoker but want to stop smoking, here is your reason to change this harmful habit and seek professional help if needed.

Eat eggs regularly

Many people have eggs in their daily diet, and this healthy food habit can save them from various health issues; eye health is among them. Eggs are rich in vitamin A, which is beneficial for the eyes. Eggs also have zinc that helps you absorb zeaxanthin and lutein in the yolk. Eating eggs can increase the protective pigment in the macula, which is responsible for the central vision of your eyes. The orange-yellow colour of the egg yolk protects your retinas from damaging blue light and improves eyesight.

Manage  screen time

Indeed, we cannot do much of our work without gadgets like computers, laptops, tabs and smartphones. But long screen hours can be damaging for our eyes. As none of us can quit using these gadgets, we need to learn to manage screen time for the benefit of our eyes. . Staring at screens for long hours can cause dry eyes, blurry vision, eyestrain, headaches and problems focusing at a distance. Try to avoid glaring light from screens by maintaining a safe distance, resting your eyes from time to time and using protective glasses while using the screen to protect your eyes from any damage and improve eyesight.

Eat lean meat

Top 10 habits and foods to improve eyesight

Lean meats like chicken are a good source of zinc. Zinc helps to reach vitamin A to your eye and creates pigment or protective melanin in the retina. It protects your eyes from sunlight and harmful UV rays that can weaken your eyesight. You can also eat oysters, pork and beef, food items that are high in zinc, to improve eyesight

Beans and Legumes

If you are a pure vegetarian or vegan, you would not be able to consume meat or oysters to maintain the zinc levels in your body. You can consume beans and legumes instead of meats that have similar benefits. If you regularly eat beans or legumes in your meals, you can improve eyesight. Chickpeas are an excellent choice when you want to consume something high in zinc. It will keep your eyes bright and your sight sharp. It also reduces AMD, essential for strengthening your vision, especially at night.

Spend time in nature

Nature can heal various problems, including mental and physical. Walking in natural places, sitting under a tree, and staring at the greenery can improve eyesight. Spending time in nature soothes your eyes and relieves stress related to long screen times, fine work and overnight work. If you make some time from your routine and spend time walking around or sitting in nature daily, you will understand the difference.


Your eyesight is essential to perform your regular activities. Losing the strength of your eyesight with time is natural, but if you are young and facing difficulties with your sight, you must not neglect it and start taking care before it is too late. Though it is not necessary to always opt for a medical solution, you can improve your lifestyle, including healthy food habits and cut out unhealthy habits that affect your sight. You can use these tips to improve eyesight and build a healthy lifestyle which is good for your eyes.

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