TVS Raider breaks record sales, see shocking report

TVS Raider breaks record sales, see shocking report
TVS Raider breaks record sales, see shocking report

TVS Raider: TVS MotorCorp keeps moving forward with its cutting-edge goods and enhanced functionality. TVS has continued to dominate all market segments, whether they are for motorcycles or scooters. TVS Motorcorp has made available its sales data. The TVS reported 3,0,0493 motorcycle sales overall in September 2023. Every category of motorcycles is covered by this.

record sales for TVS

TVS reported overall sales of 3,0,0493 units this month, which represents a 5.85% rise over the same month last year. September 2023 is the month covered by this sales record. Compared to September 2022, TVS Raider has experienced a staggering growth of 128.99% in the motorcycle market.

Sales Record for TVS Raider

TVS Raider has outperformed the other computer segments of the corporation, selling a total of 48,753 units as of September 2023. Raider’s sales have increased significantly, and it is now ranked second in the sales charts. TVS’s iQube holds the top spot in the scooter segment. which set a record for sales in September 2023 by selling 20,276 units at a rate of 311.86%. In contrast, just 4,927 units were sold in 2022.

Tell us about TVS Rider, which has at last achieved great success in sales.

TVS Raider Specifications

Feature               Details
Display 5-inch Full Digital Display
Information DisplayedSpeedometer, Tachometer, Trip Meter, Gear Position, Fuel Gauge, Service Indicator, Stand Alert, Real-time Mileage, Current Time
Connectivity      Smartphone and Bluetooth Connectivity
Alerts   Call Alerts, SMS Notifications, Email Notifications
Charging             USB Port for Charging
Navigation         Voice Assist Turn-by-Turn Navigation System
Engine 124.8 cc Single-Cylinder, Air-Cooled, Three-Valve Engine
Power Output  11.2 bhp @ 7,500 RPM
Torque11.02 Nm @ 6,000 RPM
Transmission      Five-Speed Gearbox
Suspension        Front: Telescopic Forks (30mm)
Rear: Preload-Adjustable Mono-Shock
Braking SystemBase Variant: Combined Braking System with Drum Brakes (Front and Rear)
Top Variant: Front Disc Brake (240mm), Rear Drum Brake (130mm)
Mileage               Approximately 56.7 km/l
Weight120 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 10 liters
Variants              4 Variants Available
Color Options   10 Color Choices

The greatest and least expensive TVS motorcycle in this category is the computer motorcycle, TVS Raider. It comes in ten color variations and four versions. On-road pricing in India is Rs 1,13,389 for this vehicle. And the road price of its highest model is Rs 1,19,061. You get a 124.8 cc BS6 engine with this.

TVS Raider breaks record sales, see shocking report
TVS Raider breaks record sales, see shocking report

Features of TVS Raider

One of the TVS Raider 125’s features is a 5-inch completely digital display. This introduces comparable features such fuel gauge, gear position, speedometer, tachometer, trip meter, service indicator, stand alert, real-time mileage, and real-time. This comes with all the contemporary features you’d expect, like Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity, call, SMS, and email alerts, a USB charging port, and a turn-by-turn voice-activated navigation system.

Raider Engine TVS

The TVS Raider 125 is propelled by a 124.8 cc air-cooled, three-valve single-cylinder engine. This produces a maximum torque of 11.02 nm at 6,000 rpm and 11.2 horsepower at 7,500 rpm. It has a five-speed gearbox attached to it.

Braking and Suspension System for TVS Raider

The TVS Raider 125’s suspension system consists of a preload-adjustable rear monoshock and a 30mm telescopic front fork. Its base variant features drum brakes with a combined braking system on both wheels to handle braking duties, while its top variant has 240mm disc brakes up front and 130mm drum brakes down the back.

TVS Raider travel time

A computer motorcycle is the TVS Raider 125. As a result, it gives you excellent mileage. You may obtain 56.7 gallons per kilometer with this. This car weighs 120 kg in total. Additionally, it has a 10-liter gasoline tank. This car is really amazing to look at and perform. It has been able to sell so well on the market as a result.

Rivals of TVS Raiders

In the Indian market, the TVS Rider 125 faces competition from bikes such as the Bajaj Pulsar NS 125 and the Honda SP 125.

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