Vedanta Share Price Today : That much happened today Vedanta Share to know details  

Vedanta Share Price Today : Traders who engage in stock market investing closely monitor all shares as the values of the companies listed there fluctuate daily. In this situation, you should also keep a watch on the stocks in your portfolio if you engage in the stock market.

We will inform you about the current Vedanta share price in this article. The primary operations of the multinational Indian mining corporation Vedanta Limited include the extraction of gold, iron, ore, and aluminum from mines located in Goa, Rajasthan, Odisha, and Karnataka. In addition, Vedanta Limited is involved in a number of other industries.

Let us add that a lot of stock market investors consider Vedanta Share to be a hot favored share. Since the market price of Vedanta shares changes daily, this article is likewise updated daily to provide you with the most recent Vedanta share price. So, let’s check the Vedanta share price today, shall we? understand

Vedanta Share Price Today  

Vedanta Share Price Today : That much happened today Vedanta Share to know details  

Today, October 27, the share price of Vedanta Limited will be ₹ 212.50 when the stock market opens. Vedanta Limited’s share price was ₹ 216.90 per share when the stock market opened on Thursday, October 26, and it increased to ₹ 212.50 per share by the time the market closed.

Every day, Vedanta’s share price fluctuates slightly. To stay up to date on Vedanta’s share price, click here. You can join our Telegram channel or use our website to remain in touch now.

Share NameToday’s price (at market opening)
Vedanta Limited₹212.50 per share

The 52-week highs and 52-week lows are listed below!

At the moment, Vedanta Limited’s share price is ₹208.00, with a 52-week high of ₹340.75. You should be aware of a company’s 52-week top and 52-week lowest price before making an investment.

How are Vedanta Shares purchased?

You will need a demat account in order to invest in the Vedanta corporation, but you can quickly open one for free with the aid of a website like Upstox.

With the aid of your platform, you can purchase Vedanta shares after creating a demat account.

We hope that this post has provided you with information regarding the current share price of Vedanta. You can ask any questions you may have about this article using the comment form below. Similar to this, follow us on our website to learn about the share prices of other businesses. You can also sign up for our Telegram channel to receive real-time updates.


Q : When did Vedanta Limited’s business launch?

Ans : The company Vedanta Limited was founded on June 25, 1965 by Dwarka Prasad Agarwal.

Q : Who is Vedanta Limited’s CEO?

Ans : Sunil Duggal is the CEO of Vedanta Limited.

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