Akshara Singh Viral Video: Pawan Singh’s song played on stage, Akshara Singh got angry, threw the mic and ran away

Akshara Singh Viral Video: An established actress in the Bhojpuri film business is Akshara Singh. In the Bhojpuri industry, he has made a name for himself with his daring appearance and powerful acting. In the Bhojpuri film business, this actress is still spoken about for both her singing and acting.

Additionally, she is highly active on social media, where she frequently posts content for her own amusement, earning her a lot of admirers. Let me inform you that he has contributed to numerous successful Bhojpuri movies and songs. As a result, they frequently make headlines and are mentioned in the media for various reasons every day.

Akshara Singh Viral Video Pawan Singh's song played on stage, Akshara Singh got angry, threw the mic and ran away
Akshara Singh Viral Video Pawan Singh’s song played on stage, Akshara Singh got angry, threw the mic and ran away

Once more, Akshara Singh’s video is quickly becoming viral on the internet, but this time for a different cause. In this widely shared video, Akshara Singh throws the microphone to escape a live stage performance. The video quickly gained popularity on the internet. You can read this post through to the end if you’d like to learn the complete story behind this video. being produced. So let’s get started right away.

Akshara Singh Viral Video

Akshara Singh had actually traveled to Samastipur for a live stage performance in honor of Navratri. This live stage show’s video is quickly becoming popular on the internet. The YouTube channel of Shivesh Mishra has posted this popular video. It’s evident from this video that the actress is having fun with the viewers by grinning and laughing.

Abruptly, she becomes enraged, tosses the microphone, and begins to walk off stage. Actress Akshara Singh requested that her song “Kamariya Patre Patre,” which she intended to perform live, be played. However, Pawan Singh’s song “Kamariya Patre Patre Baja deta hai” was played again. This makes her extremely irate. She also implores the public not to listen to Pawan Singh’s song here.

Pawan Singh and Akshara Singh controversy

Earlier in their relationship, Pawan Singh and Akshara Singh were in love with one another. Actress Akshara Singh, from Bhojpuri, was infatuated with Pawan Singh and could not bear to be apart from him for even a short while. However, a disagreement arose between them and they stopped saying each other’s names.

when Akshara Singh and Pawan Singh were set to get married. However, Pawan Singh weds Jyoti Singh rather than Akshara Singh. Pawan Singh had become very busy in his married life, but Akshara Singh was unaware of this. Akshara Singh experienced a major shock upon learning that Pawan Singh had wed someone else. Pawan Singh said, “I want to marry you too,” when she brought this up to him. When she heard this, she became depressed.

Akshara had charged Rs 5 lakh for the stage show

Let me tell you that Akshara Singh demanded ₹ 500000 for two hours of this live stage play. In his subsequent video, folk musician Suresh Mishra accused her of misbehaving, claiming that she had gone to sing for fifteen minutes during the event with Mahesh Das, threw the microphone off the stage, and fled. Nor has there been any response.

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