Another iconic company will Launch soon ChatGPT style Chatbot in March

China’s Baidu launches ChatGPT-style bot in March. 


BEIJING (Reuters), Jan 30 – Baidu Inc (9888.HK), a Chinese internet search company, plans to launch an artificial intelligence chatbot service in March similar to OpenAI ChatGPT, according to Reuters.


According to the source, the technology company plans to launch the service in its own application and then gradually integrate it into its search engine.


ChatGPT’s technology is based on learning from large amounts of data. It can answer prompts in a human-like way, providing information like a search engine and even prose like an aspiring writer.


Chatbots in China are currently focused on social interaction, while ChatGPT is better at programming and writing.


The person stated that Baidu will include chatbot-generated results in search requests made by users, rather than only links.


Baidu declined to comment.


Reuters reported that Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O.) has made a $1 billion investment into San Francisco-based OpenAI. The company has also looked at increasing its investments. In a new challenge to Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O), Google, the company also tried to add OpenAI’s image-generation software into its Bing search engine.


Baidu, a Beijing-based company, has been investing heavily into AI technology, including cloud services and chips, in order to diversify its revenue streams.


Baidu revealed three AI-powered “creators,” who were able to play the roles of screenwriters, editors, illustrators, and animators at a developer conference last week.

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