Ashutosh Singh Success Story: Village boy earns Rs 2.5 lakh every month from mobile

Ashutosh Singh Success Story: In Fatepur, a little town in Uttar Pradesh, opportunities are scarce and ambitions are perpetually far away. This brave and committed tale of blogging success from such a small hamlet is quite motivating. And here is the tale of the driven blogger Ashutosh Singh. Ashutosh Singh overcame all barriers to reach this feat. and have turned blogging into a lucrative and alluring profession.

Ashutosh Singh started blogging from mobile phone.

With a phone, Ashutosh began his blogging career. He was browsing YouTube when he came upon a video that sets the whole thing off. The creator of Taaza Time, Satish K Videos, was featured in that video. Ashutosh Singh was inspired to take action after watching his video. Even though Ashutosh was poor, he lacked fear. Owing to insufficient funds for WordPress hosting, he commenced his blogging endeavors using Google‘s complimentary blogging platform, Blogger.

Ashutosh Singh got rejection

Ashutosh put a lot of work into producing posts on his site. Even after producing twenty to twenty-five quality articles, he was continually confronted with the issue of Adsense acceptance. The breaking point came when, despite applying eight or nine times, I was still not receiving AdSense. And after reading this, Ashutosh lost a lot of motivation and stopped posting for a while. However, it’s stated that a person who tries never fails. Similar events occurred concerning Ashutosh ji.

Adsense approval became the turn point of Ashutosh Singh’s life.

Adsense approval became the turn point of Ashutosh Singh's life.

In November of 2021, Ashutosh Singh made the decision to give it another go. When he awoke from his slumber one morning, he discovered that he had gotten an email from Google approving his site for AdSense. And this turned into a pivotal moment in Ashutosh ji’s life, confirming that he made the right choice in starting a blog.

Ashutosh Singh earns Rs 2.5 lakh every month from zero.

Ashutosh ji’s perseverance and hard work had paid off. And as a freelance blogger today, he makes up to Rs 2.5 lakh every month. Over the past two years, Ashutosh has earned Rs 26 lakh via blogging.

Ashutosh Singh’s responsibilities, passion and learning habit

Ashutosh thinks that knowledge should be gained daily. Life forced him to take on the role of family head after he lost his father when he was ten years old. In addition to blogging, he is currently getting ready for the government teaching examination. His love is instructing young people.

Mobile blogging has now become the lifestyle of Ashutosh Singh.

Ashutosh ji, a noteworthy detail in this incredible tale is that he still runs his blog from a mobile device. He utilizes mobile internet because there is an internet issue in the village. They choose to use their phone consciously rather than just out of habit. They can blog anywhere, at any time, and if it’s in their native tongue thanks to mobile devices.

Ashutosh Singh turned problem into opportunity

Ashutosh ji, using a cell phone was initially required of him, but it has since grown to be one of his greatest habits or abilities. He made chances out of his challenges and established a reliable source of income in the process. Ashutosh quickly composes blog entries by voice typing. He has made good use of technology. (And we can all learn from this.)

2 million monthly traffic journey is going on on Ashutosh Singh’s blog.

At the moment, Ashutosh Singh maintains the blog Successful Blogs. Among them is Blog, which receives two million visits each month. In spite of the difficulties, he writes 12–15 pieces per day by himself. And he provides all the content from periodicals, newspapers, and interviews with individuals in his area for that purpose.

Ashutosh Singh focuses on results rather than excuses.

Ashutosh Singh’s narrative demonstrates a great sense of resolve and courage. He refused to be defeated by any justification. For those of us who aspire to work in blogging or any other industry, his journey serves as an inspiration. His narrative serves as a reminder to set aside our excuses and pursue our goals with unrelenting zeal.

BackgroundFrom a small village in Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh
Blogging StartInitiated blogging using a mobile phone
MotivationInspired by a YouTube video by Satish K Videos
PlatformStarted on Google’s Blogger due to financial constraints
RejectionFaced multiple rejections for AdSense approval despite writing 20-25 quality articles
Turning PointFinally received AdSense approval in November 2021
Monthly EarningsAchieving a significant income of up to ₹2.5 lakhs through blogging
Total IncomeGenerated ₹26 lakhs from blogging in the past two years
Education FocusSimultaneously preparing for government teacher exams while blogging
Mobile BloggingOperates the blog entirely from a mobile phone, overcoming internet challenges in the village
TrafficOne blog ( receives 2 million monthly traffic
Content GenerationWrites 12-15 articles daily, sources content from magazines, newspapers, and interviews in the niche
Work DisciplineMaintains focus on results and consistently produces content
Life PhilosophyFaces challenges head-on, focuses on results, and turns problems into opportunities

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