Ayodhya Ramaya Darshanam Timings: How to Book Service Tickets?

Ayodhya Ramaya Darshanam Timings: Grandeur marked the conclusion of the Ram Mandir’s inaugural ceremony in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. The god revered by millions of Hindus, Sri Ramachandra, passed away in the spot of his birth. As a young Rama, he bestowed darshan on the devotees alongside Nagumomu.

At 12:29 PM this afternoon, the Prana Pratishtha procedure commenced. At 12:31, it was completed. The entire program took the priests 86 seconds to finish. Vedic chanting was accompanied by a prana pratishta rite for the idol of Ram Lalla during the Abhijit Muhurtam.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi carried on with the procedure. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Governor of Uttar Pradesh Anandi Ben Patel, Chief Priest Satyendranath of the Ayodhya Temple, and Chief Minister Mohan Bhagwat of the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh also entered the inner sanctorum with Modi.

Ayodhya Ramaya Darshanam Timings: How to Book Service Tickets?
Ayodhya Ramaya Darshanam Timings: How to Book Service Tickets?

Rama was worshipped first. The cloth was taken out of the idol’s eyes by Modi. The bite was delivered. Chief priests of the Ayodhya and Varanasi Kashi Vishwanatha temples, respectively, are Satyendranath and Lakshmikant Dixit. A total of 121 priests took part in the Prana Pratishta initiative.

Regular devotees will be able to visit Ayodhya Ram starting on Tuesday. As usual, the daily pujadikas start. With a good dawn service, the priests awaken the Lord. carries out earned services. They will then grant sarvadarshan approval after that.

The darshan at the Ayodhya Ram Temple begins each day at seven in the morning. concludes at 11:30 p.m. Ayodhya Ram is open from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm. At six thirty in the morning, Jamuna, Jagran Aarti is offered to Swama. At 12:00, Bhog Aarti will take place. When Sandhya Aarti concludes at 7:30 PM, the doors will close.

Tickets for Swamivari Seva can be reserved by visiting the Sri Rama Janmabhoomi Theerthakshetra Trust’s official website at https://online.srjbtkshetra.org/#/login. They must first register their mobile number. Subsequently, the OTP obtained on that number will be entered to generate the user ID. Using this, you can log in and purchase the ticket.

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