Bigg Boss 17 Updates: Ankita Lokande revealed baby planning in ‘Bigg Boss’ house, told what is the reason for coming to the show?

Big Brother 17 News: Ankita Lokande made a significant revelation regarding family planning in the Bigg Boss household. When is the actress going to have a child?

Currently making headlines due to ‘Bigg Boss 17‘ is actress Ankita Lokande, who is no longer performing, from the film Pavitra Rishta. Throughout the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, the actress is seen disclosing numerous significant details regarding her personal life. With the arrival of Archana Lokhande and her spouse Vicky Jain on “Bigg Boss 17,” fans were taken aback. Vicky loves ‘Bigg Boss’ to pieces. Ankita recently opened up to Esha Malviya, Abhishek Kumar, and Firoza Khan about a number of personal anecdotes. Right now, the only topics being discussed everywhere are Ankita and her personal life.

Ankita Lokande’s baby planning in the ‘Bigg Boss’ residence

Ankita revealed that her husband Vicky Jain is an avid fan of the reality show “Bigg Boss.” I accepted Vicky’s invitation to the show. Thus, they both made the decision to participate in the performance this year. In addition, the actress made a significant comment regarding family planning.

About family planning in the Bigg Boss house, Ankita disclosed. After the program concludes this year, she and her spouse Vicky Jain aim to have a kid next year. She added that she would have been considering having a child right now if she hadn’t gone to Bigg Boss.

Ankita revealed that she plans to have a child in 2019. On “Bigg Boss17,” though, Vicky and Archana are up against a lot of obstacles. As a result, their connection is coming under scrutiny. The participants in this show and the general public’s curiosity are high.

Vicky and Ankita reside in the “Bigg Boss 17” home apart.

In short, Vicky and Ankita are playing different games in the ‘Bigg Boss 17‘ home. Conversely, Ankita’s favorite contestants are those that Vicky dislikes, and vice versa for the housemates that Vicky likes and Ankita detests.

As a result, even though Ankita lives with her husband, she frequently feels alone. The program has depicted a situation like this. Following this, Ankita made an effort to persuade Vicky, her spouse. Vicky, though, comforts Ankita by asserting, “I understand how to play the game.”

Because of their private lives, Ankita and Vicky are seldom out of the headlines. Ankita has a sizable fan base as well. Ankita’s numerous images and videos continue to become viral on social media. Ankita is often on social media as well. In order to stay in contact with her admirers, the actress never stops sharing her pictures and videos on social media. The actress and her spouse are currently making headlines, though, due to ‘Bigg Boss 17‘.

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