Bigg Boss OTT : Controversial Moment as Two Contestants Share a Passionate Kiss During a Task! Viral Video

Bigg Boss is often criticized for being a completely scripted show, and Hindi Bigg Boss OTT is amplifying the criticism with contestants’ latest antics. In the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house, we witnessed a sensational lip-lock between contestants Aakanksha Puri and Jaid Hadid as part of a dare in the team challenge!

Since the beginning of the show, Aakanksha and Jaid have been working together and now they have accepted the challenge given by Avinash Sachdev as a part of which they sealed their lips shut.

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Salman Khan had previously mentioned that he would let the contestants of Bigg Boss OTT 2 cross the line, and it remains to be seen how they react to this kiss between Aakanksha Puri and Jaid Hadid.

A few days ago, pictures and videos of Jaid and Aakanksha went viral on social media, where Jaid was seen forcefully touching Aakanksha.

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