Chinu Kala Success Story: Left home at the age of just 15, but today created a company worth crores!

Chinu Kala Success Story: In our nation of India, there is currently a surge in startups and business ventures, with the majority of people desiring to launch their own enterprise. The main cause of this is that people are constantly exposed to the success tales of new businesses, which has given everyone the impression that founding a startup is a viable way to make a living.

As a result, we have another incredibly motivating business success story for you all today. In this one, a girl founded her own startup and made it worth crores after leaving her family. Even this female startup founder is not a major student and has not finished her education. Even so, he has built his company to a value in the crores without these things.

Chinu Kala Success Story Left home at the age of just 15, but today created a company worth crores!
Chinu Kala Success Story Left home at the age of just 15, but today created a company worth crores!

Here, we are discussing Chinu Kala, the creator of Ruban Accessories, who launched her company without a formal education and whose company is now valued at crores. Consequently, we will read about Chinu Kala’s success story and how he built a company that is currently valued at crores in today’s article.

Chinu Kala Success Story Overview

Article TitleChinu Kala Success Story
Startup NameRuban Accessories
FounderChinu Kala
Thela Gaadi Revenue (FY 2022)₹35 Crore
Official Website

Chinu Kala’s life did not start out well, but with persistence and hard work, he built a company that is now valued at crores. We hope that this article has informed you about the Chinu Kala Success Story. Please visit our ‘Business‘ page to read more articles of similar type.

Left home at the age of 15

Chinu Kala’s early years were not great; at the age of fifteen, he ran away from home due to a lot of issues in his family. Because of this, Chinu ended up on the streets at a very young age, forcing her to leave her home.

Under such circumstances, Chinu did not have a place to dwell at the time and had just 300 rupees in his pocket. He was had to pay Rs 20 a day for a rented room during that period. His first term was therefore not very good.

Chinu Kala Success Story Left home at the age of just 15, but today created a company worth crores!

Initially she worked as a sales girl.

When Chinu first started out, she was having trouble making ends meet and began looking for work for herself. Eventually, after much searching, she was hired as a sales girl. This required him to visit people’s houses in order to sell various items, including knife sets.

Chinu suffered greatly in her work, to the point where many of the people she went to sell these items to would not even open their doors. But despite these obstacles, she persisted in her job and did not give up. As a result, he eventually received a promotion to supervisor within the same position.

Now that he was receiving money for training three additional females, his financial situation began to progressively improve as a result of the fact that he was now receiving more money than he had previously. Chinu had always wanted to run his own company, but he was unable to finish school since he left home at an early age.

Beginning of this type of Ruban Accessories

After working multiple jobs and building her financial stability, Cheenu chose to wed her friend Amit Kala in 2004. The couple then moved to Bengaluru after being married. Chinu’s fortunes changed after he got married. Following his marriage, Chinu entered and placed in the top 10 of a modeling competition in 2006.

As a result of the modeling competition, Chinu had the notion to launch a jewelry company. In 2014, he launched Ruban Accessories, a company that offers customers western and contemporary jewelry sets. Chinu launched this firm, and a few years later, he built the first Ruban Accessories store.

Today we have built a company worth crores.

A few years after founding Ruban Accessories, Chinu built his first physical store, and from then on, his business’s growth route kept expanding on its own. These days, online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra provide all of their products for purchase. Their company claims that many individuals purchase their products through these internet marketplaces.

The Ruban Accessories company is currently valued at over Rs 100 crores, and it generates millions of rupees in revenue each month.

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