Chiranjeevi On Salaar: ‘Chiranjeevi’ said this big thing on the film ‘Salaar’!

Chiranjeevi On Salaar: ‘Chiranjeevi’ said this big thing on the film ‘Salaar’!
Chiranjeevi On Salaar: ‘Chiranjeevi’ said this big thing on the film ‘Salaar’!

Chiranjeevi On Salaar :  Welcome to yet another top-notch piece from us. We’ll discuss the main news of the day in today’s article. Regarding the movie Salaar, Chiranjeevi made a significant statement (Chiranjeevi On Salaar). In this post, we’ll provide you with all the details around his assertion. The only topics of debate on the internet right now are Salaar and Prabhas. Let us inform you that this movie made a staggering Rs 95 crore on its first day of release, shaking up the box office.

Nonetheless, Shahrukh Khan’s major motion picture was an obstacle prior to this one. However, even with such a significant obstacle, this movie made an enormous amount of money on its first day. Many individuals have shared their thoughts about this movie. Chiranjeevi recently shared his thoughts on the movie Salaar (Chiranjeevi On Salaar). The seasoned artist Chiranjeevi hails from South India. From South India to North India, his films are viewed. India has seen his flicks everywhere. Chiranjeevi’s statement against Prabhas has been doing the rounds on social media quite quickly since he said it.

Chiranjeevi On Salaar

Chiranjeevi On Salaar: ‘Chiranjeevi’ said this big thing on the film ‘Salaar’!

On his X (previous Twitter account), Chiranjeevi tweeted. which he appears to be praising the Salar group. Prabhas has also been mentioned by him in this. He comments, “Star Prabhas wishes you all the best for this film,” in Chiranjeevi On Salaar. He has congratulated the entire team on Salaar’s box office triumph. We can tell you that he really enjoyed this movie based on his tweet. However, fans of Shahrukh Khan are not too fond of this movie.

Chiranjeevi also congratulated the director of Salaar

Chiranjeevi also praised Salaar’s director via his tweet, “Chiranjeevi On Salaar.” He also thanked Salaar, the film’s director, on this noteworthy accomplishment. He writes, “Congratulations on your accomplishment, Prashant Neel. You’ve done a truly fantastic job. This movie is fantastic on its own. To date, very few people have made a movie like that. One of the best deeds in this movie is presented to us in an extremely experimental way. In and of itself, the movie is a masterpiece.

Salar is making a new record by beating Dunki.

Dunki Advance Booking: Shahrukh's 'Dunki' will break the records of 'Pathan' and 'Jawan'! 'Dunki' created a stir in USA even before its release

Some also predicted that Dinky would surpass Salar prior to introduction. The same Salaar supporters who were disparaging Dinky were praising Salaar as a superior movie. However, as soon as information was made available, it was evident that Salaar had surpassed seasoned Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan in terms of profits. It is evident from Salar’s collection on the first day of play that Dunki Ki was destroyed. On its first day, Salaar made a healthy amount of Rs 95 crore.

Second part announced

The second installment of Salaar has been announced by director Prashant Neel following the film’s enormous popularity. A few of the second part’s post-credit moments are also becoming very popular. It will now be important to observe if the second half is as well-liked as the first. Fans of Salaar, however, are looking forward to its sequel. The film’s creator will soon reveal the second installment to the public.

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