Defeated by America Iran

Defeated by America Iran went home

Iran’s game in the FIFA World Cup is over. Iran lost 1-0 in the match against USA. With this defeat, Iran has left the FIFA World Cup 2022. The USA team, who played aggressively from the start of the match, got a chance to score a goal in the first half. Christian Pulisic took advantage of this opportunity to complete the goal. Defeated by America Iran.

Defeated by America Iran went home

After the start of the match, the Iranian team looked a bit defensive. At the same time the USA team played aggressively. In this sequence, the team tried hard to score goals. But unfortunately not a single goal was scored. Another good chance came in the 38th minute with excellent team play at such times.

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Defeated by America Iran went home

Taking advantage of this, Pulisic completed the goal. Iran tried to equalize this score, but to no avail. At the same time, USA team’s efforts to increase the lead also failed. USA ended the first half with a 1-0 lead.

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Defeated by America Iran went home

In the second half, Iran looked for the right opportunity and tried to score. But that opportunity did not come to that team. USA also tried their best to score another goal but the result was not seen. But due to the goal scored in the first half, USA won this match. Iran went home with this defeat.

USA also got knocked out from this group. The team is preparing to face the Netherlands in its next match. It is known that the government of that country threatened the players of Iran before this match. There are reports that the Iranian government has warned that the family members of the players will be tortured.

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