Delv AI Success Story:16 Year Old Girl Founder of AI Company Worth Rs 100 Crore

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Delv Ai Success Story

You’ve probably read about the stories of a lot of startup founders in the business and startup worlds, but now we’re going to share with you the story of a 16-year-old girl who founded a startup. He started a company worth crores at such a young age.

The startup founder we are discussing today is Pranjali Avasthi, who at the age of sixteen created a company valued at crores. When kids are still in school and unsure of their future paths, 16-year-old Pranjali founded her own AI company, which is currently valued at Rs 100 crores.

Although it seems utterly implausible, a sixteen-year-old girl has managed to establish a firm valued at Rs. 100 crore. As a result, you will learn about Pranjali Awasthi and Delv Ai in today’s article.

Delv AI Overview (Founder, Official Website, Revenue )

Startup NameDelv AI
FounderPranjali Awasthi
Founded Year2022
Official Website
Delve  AI Revenue FY 2023>$5 Million

Delv AI Success Story:16 Year Old Girl Founder of AI Company Worth Rs 100 Crore

Founded under the name Delv AI

In 2022, Pranjali founded Delv AI, an Artificial Intelligence Corporation, with his father’s assistance. Within this organization, Pranjali developed an artificial intelligence software named Delv Ai, whose duty it is to gather data as fast as possible and make it available to the public.

In the AI technology sector, where most people are afraid of AI’s growing application, she has recently caused a stir. In a similar vein, Pranjali has grown from a 16-year-old startup to a 100 crore corporation in just 16 years thanks to AI. have aged and stood.

Furthermore, let us inform you that in addition to hiring ten individuals, Pranjali oversees all of the primary business functions of her company, including customer service and coding.

This level of funding has been given to the company.

In 2022, Pranjali Awasthi founded this AI company. To date, this AI company has raised $450,000 (about Rs 3.7 crore) from angel investors. Additionally, let us inform you that this company is currently valued at $12 million (100 crores).

The sole source of finance for the company’s founder, Pranjali, has been his AI business plan. In the future, It may obtain investment from a large number of additional investors.

Rs 100 crore business at the age of 16

Many of you may be wondering how a sixteen year old girl founded a business valued at Rs. 100 crores, and for that, her father deserves all the credit for Pranjali’s success. This is a result of Pranjali’s lifelong fascination with all things computer and internet related. When Pranjali’s father noticed her interest in computers, he informed her about them.

At the age of seven, Pranjali began learning computer programming. At the age of thirteen, she was given the chance to intern at Florida University in the United States. After working on numerous projects here at the University of Florida, Pranjali founded this company , a firm, in 2022 at the age of 16. whose current worth exceeds Rs 100 crore.

Pranjali’s early success can be attributed to her unwavering work ethic and love for what she did. We sincerely hope you found Pranjali Avasthi’s success story interesting. Please tell your friends about Delv Ai’s success story.

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