Divis Lab Success Story: 12th failed student built a company worth Rs 1 lakh crore, read the full story

Divis Lab Success Story: People are inspired by the numerous such success tales that exist in the startup and corporate worlds. You will learn a lot after reading this inspiring startup tale, which we have for you today.

We are speaking about a gentleman who, despite his family’s and all of his relatives’ constant teasing, failed his 12th grade twice and went on to build a business worth crores in the business world.

Divis Lab Success Story: 12th failed student built a company worth Rs 1 lakh crore, read the full story
Divis Lab Success Story: 12th failed student built a company worth Rs 1 lakh crore, read the full story

Here, we are discussing Murali Divi, the founder of Divis Labs, a business currently valued at over Rs 1 lakh crore. As a result, we’ll tell you about Murali Divi’s creation of Divis Lab, a company valued at crores, in today’s article.

Divis Lab Success Story Overview

Company NameDivi’s Laboratories
HeadquartersHyderabad, India
FounderDr. Divi Murali Krishna Prasad
Subsidiary Brands– Divi’s Laboratories (USA) Inc (New Jersey, USA) – Divi’s Laboratories Europe AG (Basel, Switzerland)
Manufacturing UnitsThree (Near Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam, India)
R&D CentersThree in India
EmployeesMore than 17,000
Leadership– Dr. Divi Murali Krishna Prasad (Chairman and Managing Director) – Dr. Satchandra Kiran Divi (Whole-time Director & CEO) – Nilima Prasad Divi (Whole-Time Director, Commercial)
Recent AchievementTop three API manufacturers globally; one of the top API firms in Hyderabad
Industry Growth PredictionGlobal pharmaceuticals manufacturing industry CAGR of 11.34% from 2021 to 2028; Indian pharmaceutical sector expected to be worth US$ 49 billion in FY22
MissionCreating value through high-quality APIs, custom synthesis, and sustainable leadership in chemistry
VisionAdding significance to manufacturing through core values and societal service
Core Business ValuesFinancial Stability, Reliable Supply Partner, Trustworthiness, Transparency, Complimentary

This is how Divis Lab Success Story started.

Murli Divi is an Indian state native from Andhra Pradesh. He was raised in a low-income household with frequent financial difficulties. Murali’s father used to provide for the whole family by working as a regular employee for a corporation.

Murali struggled academically as a child, which contributed to his two failures in his 12th grade year. However, he persisted in his studies and never gave up, which is how Murali DV—then just 25 years old—travelled to America in 1976.

Let us also mention that, as per the Forbes India story, Murali had just Rs 500 in his pocket when he departed for America. However, Murali now owns crores of money.

Divis Lab Success Story
Divis Lab Success Story

Jobs in America: Divis Lab Success Story

Murali DV began his career as a pharmacist in America after moving there. Murali used to make roughly 65,000 thousand dollars a year working in America, which is equivalent to 54 lakh rupees in India.

Murali DV, who had barely Rs 33 lakh when he formed this plan, chose to return to India after working for a few years in America.

Came to India and started my business

When Murali returned from America to India, he was still undecided about his next move. Nevertheless, Murali went back to India. In 1984, Murali went back to India and started working for a pharmaceutical company. Following his employment there, Murali founded Divis Lab in 1990, with his first location being in Telangana.

Murali began preparing the ingredients needed to make medicines in Divis Lab. Divis Lab is currently one of the three major pharmaceutical businesses that produces APIs.

Today she has made a company worth crores

Today she has made a company worth crores

Founded in 1984, Divis Lab has grown to be a multi-crre enterprise today. This company is currently valued in the business sector at approximately Rs 1 lakh crore. This company’s combined annual income is measured in crores of rupees.

Divis Lab Success Story Case Study

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