ED notices to MLC Kavitha in Delhi liquor scam case ! To come to the hearing tomorrow

Delhi Liquor Scam Case: The Telangana politics is creating a stir over the Delhi Liquor Scam case across the country. The events that came to light in the Delhi liquor scam case shocked the Telangana political scene. This liquor scam has been taking many twists and turns since its inception.

An important development in this case was Arun Pillai, a liquor merchant who had shifted to Hyderabad, becoming an approver. This once again breathed new life into this case. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) conducted a quick investigation and issued notices to prominent leaders including BRS leader and MLC Kavitha.

Tomorrow, ED will issue notices to witness in Delhi liquor case as investigation continues. In the Delhi liquor scam case, the ED also pointed its investigative lens towards MLC Kavitha who found herself in the middle of the storm. Adding to the intrigue, the ED disclosed important findings in the FIR copies.

Let’s wait till tomorrow whether Kavitha will attend the trial of Delhi liquor scam case or not?

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