Extra Ordinary Man twitter review Did Srileela and Nitin hit?

Extra Ordinary Man twitter review : In the movie Extra Ordinary Man, Dr. Rajasekhar plays the lead role with Tollywood sensation Srili and young hero Nitin. Producer Sudhakar Reddy is in charge of production, while renowned writer and filmmaker Vakanta Vamsi is directing this film. On December 8, this film will be released under the banner of Shrestha Movies LLP. If we dig into the information regarding this movie that Twitter users have shared.

Extra Ordinary Man twitter review Did Srileela and Nitin hit
Extra Ordinary Man twitter review Did Srileela and Nitin hit

Extra Ordinary Man is what I witnessed. There is pure humor in the second part. There were several scenes: the charging scene, the marriage scene, the warning scene, and the introduction scene. A netizen stated that the movie’s best parts are Rajasekhar’s roles and upbeat tunes.

A slapstick comedy, Extra Ordinary Man is a film. What, indeed, is this Ra Babu humor if not sync? One internet user said, “The movie is a disaster.”

Extra Ordinary Man is a well regarded comedy film directed by Nitin. Following the failure of Agent, Na Prama Surya, Vakkanta Vamsi returned with a comedy that he felt more at ease with. Srileela is quite adorable. felt like a supercharge. One netizen remarked that it was because of her actions that the movie became popular.

The soundtrack from the film Extra Ordinary Man became popular. The firstflow of the movie songs by Brush Vaesuko and Sirrak Tandava is good. A netizen said that the dancing is amazing when there is melody in the song.

The exciting journey on the big screen is about to start. The global premiere of the film Extra Ordinary Man is underway. Best wishes to Srili and Nitin. From her fans, Rashmika posted her warmest wishes for the unit.

Nithin traveled to the United States to promote Extra Ordinary Man. For the debuts, there were promotions conducted across America. In the US, Nitin met expatriates. Indian audiences are reacting favorably to this movie.

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