FIFA World Cup 2022: Self -goal Messi team with success

Argentina is the team chasing bad luck in the FIFA World Cup 2022. This is the last World Cup in the team star player Lionel Messi’s career. That is why the team wants to win it anyway. But good luck is not coming together. The matter was once again clear in a knockout match against Australia. On one occasion, Argentina, who looked like a 2-0 win with a 2-0 win, cut his own goal at the end and reduced the lead to 2-1. The Australian team scored a single goal.

FIFA World Cup 2022: Self -goal Messi team with success

Messi Shuruwat

The match has been seen as Argentine’s perseverance since the start of the match. In the first half, 61 percent of the ball was keeping the ball. The two teams, however, could not score at least one goal. No matter how much they try, there is no result. At this time, Argentine star Lionel Messi has once again proved Tanento. Scored a goal from the box in the 35th minute. Australia tried to goal and equal scores, but to no avail. The Argentine team took a 1-0 lead in the first half time.

Another goal due to the keeper

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Australia tried to goal anyway in the second half, but the result was not. At the same time, Argentina was able to score another goal. Australian goalkeeper Matthew Ryan, who started the second half, stood thinking to pass the ball. Argentine player Julian Alvarez jumped forward and pulled the ball. Argentina increased the lead to 2-0 by sending it into the empty goal post that the keeper did not even have.

Self goal at the end

Argentina tried to score another goal in the same journey, but to no avail. At the end of their goal at their post, he scored his own goal. Australia Substitute Player Creg’s goodwin goal to the Half Valley, who was unable to properly clear in the 77th minute. To this end, the ball hit the Argentine player Enzo Fernandez and fell straight to their goal post. The referee declared this as a self -goal. This led to Argentine’s lead to 2-1. After that the two teams were unable to score another goal, Argentina reached the quarterfinals. The team will face the Netherlands in their next match.

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