First Steel Bridge Constructed on Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project

On Friday, NHSRCL built the first steel bridge for the MAHSR project. The bridge weighs 673 metric tons, divided into 700 parts, and is 70 meters long and 12 to 14 meters high. On National Highway 53 in Surat city, it has been installed close to Kamrej Toll Pkaza.

The project calls for the construction of 28 similar bridges, with a total weight of 70,000 MT and span lengths ranging from 60 meters “simply supported” to 130 + 100 meters continuous. Of the 28 bridges, 17 will be built in Gujarat and the other 11 in Maharashtra.

“Steel bridges are ideal for crossing railroad tracks, expressways, and highways. Unlike pre-stressed concrete bridges, which can be used for most sections, including river bridges, and span 40 to 45 meters. This is the first time a steel bridge to support a Shinkansen Bullet train running at a speed of 320 km per hour has been fabricated and successfully launched with precision, according to a press release from India, which has expertise in fabricating steel bridges for heavy haul and semi-high-speed trains that run between 100 and 160 kmph.

The bridge was created in a factory in the Hapur district of Delhi, which is 1200 kilometers from the location of installation.

Ultrasonic Testing (UT) was used to test each production batch of steel at the manufacturing facility. According to the design drawings created by Japanese experts, steel bridges are constructed using highly technical and exact cutting, drilling, welding, and painting procedures. The contractor is required to hire supervisors and welders who have received certification from International Welding Experts. Japanese International Welding Experts (IWE) stationed at each workplace keep an eye on the welding procedure as well. Structure fabrication procedure includes check assembly. The steel structure’s intricate 5-layered painting is next, according to the press release.

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