Admission Under the EWS Category Now Requires an Aadhaar Card of Parents or Legal Guardian

According to a Times of India story, it is now required for parents and legal guardians to submit their Aadhaar Card when enrolling online for their child’s enrollment to a private school in Delhi under the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) category.
The decision was made in response to numerous situations when candidates received admission offers from multiple schools as a result of false information provided during the online application. The action is anticipated to stop the practice of filling out multiple applications fraudulently.

Aadhaar for parents is now required by the Directorate of Education (DoE) in order to “avoid duplication of applications.” The rule will be applicable to both Class II and higher as well as entry-level, from nursery to Class I.

The Aadhaar of “parents/guardians shall be mandatory for applying online for admission at entry level under EWS/DG/CWSN (Disadvantaged Group/Children with Special Needs) category or admission from Class 2 onwards under Freeship scheme in private unaided recognized schools (except minority schools),” according to a recent circular issued by the Directorate of Education on Wednesday.

         ” “DoE has noticed that multiple applications are being filed by an applicant to increase the probability of selection in the computerized draw of lots by manipulating with address, name, or any other related personal details,” the DOE wrote in the circular.

                      Previously, the Delhi High Court had decided that a child’s Aadhaar may not be required for enrollment in private schools for EWS/disadvantaged students and those with special needs.

  The DOE made it clear that just a minimal amount of data from the Aadhaar card will be taken during the application form’s registration process, and that personal information like biometric data would not be saved or shared with any other organization.



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