MP CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan Transfers Rs 219 Crores Of Gas Refill Scheme To Beneficiaries Accounts

Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, on Friday used a program held in Bhopal to electronically transfer Rs 219 crore from the Gas Refill Scheme to the accounts of recipients of the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana and Mukhyamatri Ladli Bahna Yojana.

36 lakh women are set to benefit from the Gas Refill Scheme, which would allow users to refill household gas cylinders for Rs 450 each.

Speaking at the event, CM Chouhan declared: “It is my life’s mission to make sure that women’s lives are free of difficulties. I have spent a lot of time on this mission. I’ve reserved 35 percent of the positions in government for women.

For women, the state government has implemented a number of programs, including the Ladli Lakshmi Yojana and Ladli Bahna Yojana. The state administration transmitted the most recent installment of the Ladli Bahna Yojana on October 4 itself because it was anticipated that the Model Code of Conduct would shortly be implemented.

The state administration said it would soon add the remaining beneficiaries to the program, which now includes 1.31 crore women.

“I am transferring Rs 219 crore today to the accounts of more than 36 lakh women who have benefited from the Ujjwala Yojana and Ladli Bahna Yojana. I’ll find out if any women have departed and deposit funds to their accounts as well. Your brother (referring to himself) has provided respect instead of money today.

With the exception of the state’s Forest department, the state government has announced a 35 percent recruiting reserve for women.

The Madhya Pradesh Civils Services (Special Provision for Appointment of Women) Rules, 1997 have been amended by the state government to grant women 35% of the available positions.

“Notwithstanding anything contained in any service rules, 35 percent of all posts in the state service (except Forest Department) shall be reserved in favor of women at the stage of direct recruitment, and the said reservation shall be horizontal and compartment-wise,” the notification’s copy stated.

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