Harsh Beniwal Car Collection: Check out the full collection of cars one man purchased with the aid of YouTube!

Harsh Beniwal Car Collection: These days, a lot of people make thousands or even crores of rupees a month by uploading videos to YouTube and Instagram. which many people in today’s world are using these platforms alone to live lives akin to those of celebrities.

In a similar vein, we’ve provided you with information about the Harsh Beniwal Car Collection from the digital realm today. He is a well-known figure in the digital world who gained popularity through his YouTube work.

Harsh Beniwal Car Collection: Check out the full collection of cars one man purchased with the aid of YouTube!
Harsh Beniwal Car Collection: Check out the full collection of cars one man purchased with the aid of YouTube!

He has now accumulated crores of money with just YouTube’s help.  Millions of people watch his videos there every day, and many of them are interested in learning more about his collection of cars. As a result, we will inform you about Harsh Beniwal Car Collection in today’s article.

Who is Harsh Beniwal?

Harsh Beniwal is a well-known comedian, actor, and YouTuber from India.  He was born in Delhi, India, on February 13, 1996. YouTuber Harsh Beniwal produces comedy, skit, and vine content. Since he began uploading videos to YouTube in 2015, Harsh has amassed over 15 million fans.

Furthermore, Harsh has gained recognition in the Bollywood industry through YouTube. He debuted in the 2019 film Student of the Year 2, which is a Bollywood production.

Let us also mention that he has won numerous accolades from the Bollywood and YouTube communities, and that his videos now attract millions of views on each platform.

Harsh Beniwal Car Collection

Thanks to YouTube, Harsh has amassed millions of dollars in riches. Since he enjoys driving expensive cars, a large number of these vehicles are part of his collection.

Volkswagen Polo, Toyota Fortuner, and Mercedes-Benz CLA 200d are among the vehicles in Harsh Beniwal’s collection.

Mercedes Benz CLA 200d

One of the high-end cars in Harsh Beniwal’s collection is a Mercedes-Benz CLA 200d from the German manufacturer.  This automobile costs about Rs 72 lakh on the Indian market. Harsh Beniwal has frequently been spotted driving a Mercedes Benz CLA.

Let us also mention that the Mercedes Benz CLA is the most popular car in the luxury class and a personal favorite of many.

Toyota Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner is a highly sought-after SUV vehicle in India, with a high purchase rate. It is noteworthy to mention that Harsh Beniwal owns a Fortuner as well.

The cost of a Toyota Fortuner is currently approximately Rs 52 lakh on the Indian market. Of all the SUVs, the Fortuner is the most favored.

Volkswagon Polo

Because Harsh Beniwal purchased a Volkswagen Polo in his early days of making money via YouTube, this vehicle is also a part of his collection. This car costs approximately Rs 9 lakh on the Indian market.

But the most recent evidence indicates that the Volkswagen business is no longer producing the Polo vehicle.

Car NamePrice (Approximate)
Mercedes Benz CLA 200d₹72 Lakhs
Toyota Fortuner₹52 Lakhs
Volkswagen Polo₹9 Lakhs

Earn this much from YouTube!

Among the most popular YouTubers in India today is Harsh Beniwal, who makes millions of rupees a year just from YouTube alone. As a result, his collection of cars includes expensive automobiles.

We trust that after reading this post, you will have more knowledge about Harsh Beniwal Car Collection. Please tell your friends about it so they can learn more about it as well.

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