Home Loans : Everything you should know

Property is a valuable asset that can provide you with multiple financial benefits. The banking industry offers many convenient and profitable home loan options for different purposes related to your home. A loan is a great opportunity to get financial support if you need financing or don’t want to tap into your savings. Banks help you achieve your home ownership aspirations by offering you convenient monthly payments and the ability to choose repayment terms at your convenience. To make the application and payment process easier, there are certain things that you should consider before applying for a home loan.


Home loan options are as follows:

  • Home Loan: The best option for buying a home.
  • Construction Home Loan: This is an excellent option for you to construct your own home.
  • Land Purchase Loan: This is an option for buying land and building a house on it.
  • Home Improvement Loan: This loan is taken for maintenance or reconstruction of the house.
  • Home Expansion or Extension Loan: This loan allows you to go for that additional balcony or an extra bedroom that you want.

Research Home Loan Options :

The important points to keep in mind

It would be best if you researched the options available in the market before applying for a home loan. Take into consideration three important loan components:

  • Down payment
  • EMI
  • Payback period

Researching these three components before applying for a loan will help you choose the right home loan from a better lender with an attractive interest rate.


Search for an affordable loan :

There are many home loan options that you can choose from, and affordability is an important factor to consider before applying for a home loan. The fixed monthly payments should not only be within your capacity, but they should also be easily integrated into your cost of living. A regular income source should be kept for any unanticipated situations, and you should think about spending outside the EMI range you decide to pay each month. So, even if you may always choose to purchase the house you want in the neighborhood, you love, having the means to pay off a loan is equally crucial.

Choose a suitable EMI option :

You should choose the right monthly instalment amount for your EMI. Banks offer various EMI options to suit the different needs of borrowers. The EMI also depends a lot on the down payment you make while buying your home. The higher the total deposit, the lower the amount due will be transferred to EMI. It is best to ensure that your monthly premium amount does not exceed 45% of your total income.

Repayment period :

The time taken to repay the sanctioned loan will count towards your repayment. The repayment period and your EMIs go together. While opting for a longer loan tenure may result in lower EMIs, it will adversely increase the amount of interest required, leaving you to pay double or triple the home loan amount due to the high-interest rate. If you have a stable and steadily growing income and are planning a tight budget, it is recommended advisable to opt for a short repayment period with high EMIs. Interest rates on such ownership relationships are significantly lower to encourage faster repayment. Banks also offer attractive interest rates to those who opt for a shorter repayment period.

Insurance protection :

The home loan amount must be protected by a term assurance policy, which you must purchase. You must conduct in-depth research to find the best home loan insurance available. Your family will no

longer be responsible for the debt since the loan will be repaid by the insurance provider in the unfortunate event that happens to you. In fact, some lenders may require you to obtain insurance when applying for a home loan.

Additional charges :

In addition to the equal monthly instalments, banks may charge borrowers administrative, processing, or other service fees when applying for a home loan. Discuss and understand the details and charges before applying for a home loan. Check whether it is a one-time or monthly fee. If it is a monthly instalment, it should be considered along with the monthly EMI and financial statements of the relevant plan.


A better understanding of a home loan can allow you to make informed decisions about meeting your current and future housing needs. You also need to understand the different types of home loans to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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