Make in India Essay Campaign, Slogan, Quotes 

Make in India Essay Campaign, Slogan, Quotes 


Essay Speech on Make In India Plan Essay Campaign Slogan, Quotes and Slogans


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is always open to the development of India. His thinking is fresh, just like today’s youth. They are full of energy and have a passion for work. It’s been two years since Modi Ji’s government began to work in India. This is what you can find in our article on Modi government in 2 Years.


Essay on Make In India Plan Make In India Essay


Modi ji has also started many other schemes. This episode features Make in India, a scheme launched by Prime Minister NarendraModi. It aims to encourage large companies to invest in India. Modi ji launched this scheme on 25 September 2014. Talking about Make in India, Modi ji gave a speech on Independence Day after he became the first Prime Minister. Modi ji was certain of his word. He had only gotten the approval of the cabinet for this plan after a month and then presented it to the world. We received very positive responses from China and America as soon as we implemented the scheme. Through FDI (foreign Direct Investment), Indian foreign investment was worth 63 billion dollars.


Start of Make in India (Make in India Initiative)


Narendra Modi started this program at Vigyan Bhavan on 25 September 2014. This scheme aims to ensure that Indian goods are used daily by people. The Department of Industrial Policy and Development organized a workshop on 29 December 2014 to explain the plan to all. Narendra Modi, his cabinet ministers and chief secretaries of all state governments, as well as leaders of large industries, participated in it. They were also included. The scheme’s main goal is to make changes in 25 areas that affect the economy of the country. The plan will result in an increase in employment, which will eliminate the problem of unemployment. There will also be skill development in these areas. This will draw the attention of all major investors, both domestic and international.


The main objectives of Make in India (Make in India campaign Aim ) are:


  • India should produce more goods. This will lower the cost of goods and help the economy.
  • The country will see an increase in employment, while poverty will decrease.
  • Quality goods will be offered at low prices.
  • Foreign investors will invest money in the country. The name of the country will also be well-known around the globe.
  • All citizens will have the opportunity to express their thoughts to the government.
  • The country’s youth would rather stay in the country and work than go abroad.


Response to Make In India


Many electronics companies from around the globe have submitted proposals to the Government of India to get started in India since September 2014. The Government of India has received proposals from external companies worth Rs 1.20 crore. 24.8% of the smartphones manufactured in India were exported to countries other than India between April and June 2015.


Electronic products are highly in demand around the globe. India has a lot of talent. Today, young people are starting their own businesses to make new discoveries. Prime Minister Modi hopes for a miracle development in India by 2020 so that India can become the world’s largest electronics manufacturing hub. India must stop importing electronics from overseas by 2020. This is the government’s best effort. This means that India should be able to import electronics from all countries by 2020. This will bring about incredible economic benefits for the country. This is the response to Make in India:


  • In January 2015, Spice Mobile Company’s owner made a deal to establish a mobile phone manufacturing plant in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Hyun Chil Hong, CEO of Samsung Mobile Company met Kalraj Mishra in January 2015. They discussed working together, as well as the plant in Noida.
  • Hitachi also spoke out about India in February 2015 and stated that they could set up their business in Chennai.
  • HUAWEI’s research and development center in Bangalore opened in February 2015. He also discussed the possibility of setting up a Chennai-based telecom hardware plant. This was approved by Chennai’s government.
  • In February 2015, Xiaomi Mobile Company proposed that they work together before the Andhra Pradesh government.
  • Lenovo announced in August 2015 that it had begun manufacturing Motorola mobile phones at its Chennai plant.
  • The vivo mobile company began manufacturing mobiles in Noida in December 2015. There were 2200 employees.


Many foreign companies also sent plans to the government and made proposals to collaborate. The Prime Minister of Japan visited India in December 2015. He gave 12 lakh crores to the Make in India project. In December 2015, Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of Japan, was in Russia and signed the largest deal under the Make in India campaign. Russia bought multi-role helicopters made in India.


Other aspects of Make in India Scheme –


Investors from across the country have been able to make business in India through the Make in India program. This mantra is being adopted by large companies. India is the largest democracy in the globe and is currently on the road to strengthening its economy. The 25 sectors that the government selected for this scheme are: Automobile, Chemical, Electronics and Food Processing, Information Technology and Leather, Mining and Media and Entertainment, Oil and Gas and Railways, Ports and Shipping. Textile and Garments, Thermal Power and Tourism, Thermal Power and Electrical Machine, Road and Highway. Construction, Aircraft Industry, Construction, etc. There are also opportunities for investments in space, defence and other areas. In addition to this, many exemptions were granted to investors and businessmen by the regulatory politics. It is estimated that it is worth approximately 20 thousand crores. However, an initial investment plan of 930 crores was made. 580 crores of this amount is being provided by the Government of India.


Every country has its own rules and regulations regarding investing and doing business. The World Bank conducted a 2015 study on “Where is it easiest to do business” in 189 countries. India ranked 130th. These are just a few of the reasons Modi Ji comes up with these schemes. Many rules governing business in India are now being changed.


The survey was conducted by the World Bank in 17 Indian cities. The top five cities where it is possible to do business are Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Bhubaneshwar and Gurgaon.


Make in India campaign (Make in India week and campaign)


The Make in India Week Event was held in Mumbai on February 13, 2016 to bring the campaign to mass audiences. This event saw participation from 2500 national and international companies, as well as business teams representing 72 countries and individuals from 17 states.


The Make in Maharashtra campaign was launched by the Government of Maharashtra in response to Make in India. Its purpose is take Make in India even further. This will bring in more people to Maharashtra and improve the economy.


Make in India: Some controversy


The logo of Make in India was the subject of much controversy in the past. According to the opposition, it was made by a foreign company. This issue has attracted a lot of criticism from the opposition to the Narendra Modi government. The opposition claims that the Government of India has taken money from foreign companies in the name of Make in India and given them work opportunities in India. We cannot be certain of the truthfulness of these claims, but Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” is fraught with controversies.


Slogans for Make in India


Dawn of new dawn, towards new creation

There is courage in the country, India is towards construction.

Towards building India, a new era


Only one need emerged from the heart, the dream of Make in India should come true…


Only those countries are prosperous, where the youth are influential.

We will make idols piece by piece, we will develop the country and show it…

Our history is centuries old
There is knowledge contained in the Vedas.
The country whose glory is Alak Niranjan,
It is an honor to give it to him again……

Make in India, the mirror of youth power

Where there is supernatural light of knowledge,
Wherein the soil is blessed with immortality.
Why did that country bow down to development,
Let’s together start Make in India…


period of development, towards construction



The country has made significant progress in the past few years thanks to the launch of the “Make in India” program, which was initiated by Mr. Narendra Modi (Prime Minister of India). Big television brands such as Thomson, Skyworth, Skyworth and Skyworth have launched local production at the component stage in the last few weeks. This is a huge success for Narendra Modi’s Make in India initiative. The subject is

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