Mason’s son Richarlison is Brazil’s new hero

Brazilian forward Richarlison’s name is buzzing around the world. The young player grabbed everyone’s attention with a single khatarnak bicycle kick. So much so that even those who don’t even know ABCD in real football are talking about him. Richarlison became football’s new hero by scoring two goals within 9 minutes in a situation where Brazil was expected to lose badly as star player Neymar was out of the team due to injury. The bicycle kick he scored in these two goals is extremely impressive to the fans.

It is not an exaggeration that Richarlison joined football giants Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar with this one goal. Fans are turning to Google Mom to find out about Richarlison’s family background. But like all legendary players, he also endured many hardships and reached this level. People with criminal tendencies around.. Fear of which gun will explode at any moment.. Drug smuggling on the one hand! A champion Charlison emerged from such situations.

Richarlison, who grabbed everyone’s attention with an extraordinary kick in the match against Serbia, has a very different background. Born in a poor family in the slums of Nova Venecia, Brazil, he was not without difficulties growing up. His father was a construction worker. Mother helped support the family by doing small jobs.. The weather around Richarlison was very dangerous. Most of his friends are smugglers. But Richarlison used to sell ice creams and chocolates to help his mother. He washes cars.

Mason's son Richarlison is Brazil's new hero

Once, a smuggler pointed a gun at Richarlison’s cell, thinking that he was not carrying drugs. At that moment it seemed as if his life was lost, but he managed to escape quickly. Richarlison’s The father wanted to help his son avoid drug addiction. That changed his life. A businessman saw him playing football in the streets and enrolled him in Meniro’s club. After that, who grew step by step, he was acquired by Tottenham for 60 million pounds. This striker has scored 19 goals in 39 international matches for Brazil.

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