Mokkavoni Akanksha Guptha Success Story: Earning Crores by Delivering Plants Online

Mokkavoni Akanksha Guptha Success Story : Nowadays, people sit at home and shop and buy things that cost lakhs in seconds. When they cannot cook, when they have nothing to eat, when they do not have the patience to go out, they immediately place food orders online. Within half an hour of placing the order, hot food arrives at the doorstep.

Mokkavoni Akanksha Guptha Success Story Earning Crores by Delivering Plants Online
Mokkavoni Akanksha Guptha Success Story Earning Crores by Delivering Plants Online

Mokkavoni Akanksha Gupta Plants Business

Mokkavoni Akanksha Gupta started a plant business based on these delivery apps. Just like food delivery, plants, seeds and fertilizers are provided to customers within hours of ordering online. The company runs with a turnover of crores within two years of its inception. Let’s hear in Akanksha Gupta’s own words how she delivers the plants.

Mokkavoni Akanksha Gupta Details

   A traditional joint family living in a model town in Delhi where father is a businessman and mother House Wife. Everyone was surprised when I told them at home that I will get a job after completing my BCom Honors in Sri Ram College of Commerce. They believe that while girls stay at home and take care of work, boys go out and earn money

 It took a long time to convince their parents. I explained to them in every way why I want to do the job. They agreed and encouraged. After working here for two years, I completed my MBA from IIM Ahmedabad in 2016 and then joined Deloitte Management Consultant.

Lockdown has changed Akanksha Gupta Life

Sambhav is also working in an MNC which changed his life and both families liked it and in 2019 Akanksha Gupta and Sambhav got married. Despite working at home, there was plenty of time on weekends. He takes great interest in growing plants and devotes all his time to the garden

How to grow plants in the workshops conducted by Sambhav. Advice, suggestions and what I say along with Sambhav to help plants grow well. In six months, more than three thousand people attended the workshops we conducted and learned about gardening. This change made us entrepreneurs.

   Many people want to grow plants in workshops, but do not know where to buy good plants and pots. There are no good stores online either. some people said that online stores are not liked by customers. So in 2020, he left his job and started The Bunyan Company. Akanksha Gupta is also helping it. Our company has suffered a lot due to the fact that the cost of transportation is high and sometimes the plants get damaged in transit while growing a nursery near by and placing orders from there to the customers.

Like online food, plants are also online

   After seeing many losses of the company, I seriously thought about how to manage the company and that’s when I remembered food delivery apps. I thought why not deliver plants the same way food is delivered. company launched in 2021. Taking the words from Urban Forest, I named the tree after starting this company and resigned from the job, which shocked all the family members.

Mokkavoni Akanksha Guptha Success Story Earning Crores by Delivering Plants Online

There was a loss in the business that occurred after leaving the job. Again aspiration does the same thing. What is the guarantee that this business will not suffer? Everyone started giving advice that Sambhav should do the job too. Some say this business will never succeed. But Sambhav Akanksha Gupta will not back down. Finally went to a business advisor and was advised that this is not a good business, it will not bring any income and it is better for both of you to work.

   After creating a website, nursery managers were added together on the website. Some people don’t even know how to send a WhatsApp message, no one has any experience of selling plants online, so we trained everyone in this. In the beginning, there was not much income. But after two weeks we started getting good returns on our investment. As the number of customers increased, friends and relatives started investing in our company. We deliver plants to customers from the nearest nurseries on the next day of placing the order.

   There are no additional packing charges for this and it is available online at a lower rate, so more people have started buying from us. In the early days it was difficult to sell 500 plants per month but now we are delivering more than 3 lakh plants per month. Our business, which started with two people, has grown from three nurseries to 40 nurseries today. We deliver our plants in Delhi and NCR as well as Bangalore. Akanksha Gupta says that we are working on a target of 100 crore turnover next year.

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