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“MP online Registration | MP Online Portal ID | MP Online Registration 2023-24 for Government Jobs in Madhya Pradesh | Apply for MP Online Registration | MP ONLINE Portal Application Form | MP ONLINE UG Admissions Start | MP Online KIOSK is the official state website of the Madhya Pradesh government. Students can apply for jobs through MP Online, and several services are available on this portal for citizens. Any individual can apply for various certificates through the MP Online portal.

So, here we are going to share a lot of information related to MP Online with all of you. We will discuss in detail about what MP Online is, how to create an MP Online ID, how to log in to MP Online, and more. To understand all these points thoroughly, make sure to read this article till the end and easily complete the MP Online registration process.

MP Online Registration 2023

The meaning of is Madhya Pradesh Online. It is the official website of the Madhya Pradesh government operated by MP Online Limited, which facilitates the delivery of government services of all state departments to the citizens of the state.

MP Online was launched in the year 2006, and since then, its services have been available in every region of the state. Therefore, MP Online Limited has taken an important step in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of public service distribution by using it as a tool of information and technology. It aims to streamline government services and efficiently manage costs while meeting the needs of citizens and businesses in Madhya Pradesh.

Formation of MP ONLINE Web Portal

MP Online provides various services such as university and college admissions, online ticket booking for national parks in Madhya Pradesh, recruitment processes, and online examination procedures in different state departments.

Through this portal, the government makes a wide range of services available to the people in one place. The establishment of MP Online has made it very easy to reach services to every corner of the state, contributing significantly to the Digital India program by the government as all services are delivered digitally through this portal.

The portal aims to integrate major government departments like municipalities, forests, district collectorate, urban administration, commercial tax, agriculture, panchayats, rural development, social welfare, education, health, electricity, and police, enhancing transparency and efficiency at the administrative level.

MPOnline Kiosk Eligibility 2023

If anyone wants to become a kiosk under MP Online and provide its services at their cafe or shop, they need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • The applicant must be a resident of the state to apply for MP Online Kiosk.
  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old to apply for the kiosk.
  • The applicant should have at least a high school qualification.
  • The applicant must have knowledge of computers.
  • The applicant should have a shop/office to set up the kiosk.
  • It is mandatory for each kiosk operator to conduct a minimum of 200 transactions per month.
  • The applicant needs to sign an agreement with MPOnline Limited and pay a registration fee of Rs. 3000 for urban areas and Rs. 1000 for rural areas.

MPOnline Required Documents to set up a kiosk

To set up a kiosk, the following documents are required:

  • Aadhar card
  • Pan card
  • Shop registration id
  • Resident certificate

Key Features of MPOnline

  • MPOnline provides more than 200 educational recruitments and citizen services through a B2C model.
  • MPOnline appoints assistant access points to efficiently distribute services to citizens without computer knowledge.
  • Citizens can access a range of services on this portal at nominal charges in both rural and urban areas.
  • The government saves on manual management, maintenance, and processing costs for these services.
  • Services are provided to citizens through a network of kiosks operated as franchises. These operators require the necessary skills, training, and infrastructure to operate these facilities effectively.

MPOnline Services List 2023

Here, we will tell you about all the services offered by MPOnline. The complete list of MPOnline services is available here for you to check.”

Apna CSCClick Here
ApplicationsClick Here
Bill PaymentsClick Here
CertificatesClick Here
CounselingClick Here
E AdvertisementClick Here
Online AssessmentClick Here
ReligiousClick Here
ReservationClick Here
UniversitiesClick Here

MPOnline Citizen Registration Online 2023 (How to Register)

As we discussed earlier, setting up a Kiosk is possible. Now, we’ll guide you on how you, as a citizen of Madhya Pradesh state, can register for MP Online services solely for your benefit.

The process of citizen registration on MP Online is straightforward. We’ve provided a step-by-step guide for you to follow:

  • To register as a citizen, first visit the website.
  • In the navigation menu, click on the “Kiosk/Citizen” dropdown menu.
  • From the options that appear, click on the “Register as new Citizen” link.
  • On the MPOnline – New User Registration form that opens, fill in all the required details such as User ID, Password, Email ID, Mobile Number, etc.
  • After providing all the information, enter the Captcha code and click on “Create Account.”
  • Next, your OTP (One-Time Password) verification will be completed. Once done, you can easily log in with your credentials and avail all the services offered by MP Online.

MPOnline Login Process :

People of Madhya Pradesh can access various services through MP Online by logging in. This includes services like Aadhaar card download and print, insurance services, ration card application, PAN card services, recharge options, and even applying for various government jobs through the Student MP Portal. Now, let’s explain how to log in to MP Online. To log in, you need to have login credentials, and we’ve already discussed how to obtain them:

  • Firstly, open the website.
  • You’ll find a “Login” button at the top corner of the website. Click on it.
  • The login page will appear, and you need to select the “User Type,” whether Citizen, Employee, G2G, or Kiosk.
  • Choose the appropriate option based on the type of login credentials you have. If you’re a citizen, select “Citizen,” and if you’re a Kiosk operator, select “Kiosk.”
  • Enter your User name and Password, fill in the Captcha code, and click on the “Submit” button.
  • By following these simple steps, you can easily log in to the MP Online website

MP Online Kiosk 2023 :

MP Online portal is an effective way to provide online services to citizens. In simple terms, a Kiosk is a shop/office/internet cafe located in rural or urban areas, registered on the MP Online Limited portal to offer online services to citizens.

Entrepreneurs connected to this business can apply for Kiosk allocation following the rules. The Kiosk operator receives a predetermined commission for each online service provided to citizens.

Typically, a Kiosk is a shop/office/internet cafe equipped with computer setup (printer, scanner, internet, and biometrics device, etc.). In simpler words, a Kiosk is like a CSC (Common Services Center) where individuals provide MPOnline services to people, but here, only Madhya Pradesh state services are available.

MPOnline Kiosk Application Online [Registration]

If someone wants to apply for a Kiosk under MPOnline, here’s a step-by-step process:

  • First, visit the official website
  • On the website, click on the “Kiosk/Citizen” link in the main menu.
  • From the list, select “Kiosk Hetu Avedan” (Apply for Kiosk).
  • On the next page, read the information related to Kiosk and click on “Next.”
  • Now, on the following page, you will be informed about the fee for setting up a Kiosk. Rural applicants need to pay ₹1000, while urban applicants need to pay ₹3000, along with the stamp charges (as mentioned earlier).
  • After reading all the MPOnline guidelines, check the box for verification.
  • Now, the registration form will open, and you need to fill in all the required details.
  • Once you have successfully filled the application, click on “Submit.” By following these steps, you can set up a Kiosk.

MPOnline Payment Status Check :

If you have registered for a Kiosk under MPOnline and want to check your payment status, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, visit the official website.
  • Under the main menu, click on the “Kiosk/Citizen” link.
  • From the list, select “Bhugtan Ki Stithi” (Payment Status).
  • Now, enter your Transaction ID, which you received after making the payment.
  • After that, click on the “Search” button, and your payment status will be displayed.

MPBSE MPOnline 2023 :

MPBSE stands for Madhya Pradesh Board of School Education (MPOnline). The headquarters of MPBSE is located in the state capital, Bhopal.

MPBSE is officially available in Hindi, English, and Urdu languages. It was established in 1965 and plays a crucial role in the school education system. MPBSE is responsible for formulating policies and overseeing administrative, cognitive, and intellectual aspects of Madhya Pradesh’s education system.

MPBSE manages and supervises the intermediate education system in the state. It also controls various activities such as curriculum development and conducting examinations. MPBSE also provides affiliation to colleges. It supports and leads all educational systems in Madhya Pradesh.

mpsos mponline 2023 :

MPSOS stands for Madhya Pradesh State Open School. It’s a school that provides education to students who, for various reasons, cannot attend regular classes.

There are many students engaged in different activities who still want to pursue their studies, but they can’t find a suitable way to do so. That’s where the Madhya Pradesh State Open School (MPSOS) comes in, offering them a golden opportunity to complete their education. Thanks to this initiative by the Madhya Pradesh government, students don’t need to physically attend school.

In every district of Madhya Pradesh, there are study centers where students can apply directly to the Open School online. Students get nine chances to pass their exams. Until they pass all five subjects, they won’t receive their certificate.

DAVV Mponline

The MP Online portal provides services for admission to educational institutions in Madhya Pradesh. DAVV Online refers to Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, which is a state university in Madhya Pradesh. It was established in 1964.

As we all know, the MPOnline portal plays a vital role in providing e-governance services in the state. Applying for every service through the MPOnline portal is essential. If someone wants to get admission to Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, they must apply through the Madhya Pradesh Online Portal.

ITI Mponline 2023

For admission to ITI (Industrial Training Institute), students have to apply through the Madhya Pradesh Online Portal.

Once students apply for ITI through the MPOnline portal, they have to take an entrance exam. After that, they can get admission to ITI institutions in Madhya Pradesh, which includes both government and private ITIs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q : What is MP Online?

Ans : MPOnline is the official website of the Madhya Pradesh government. It allows students to apply for jobs and access various government services.

Q : What is MP Online Kiosk?

Ans : MPOnline Kiosk is an e-governance venture by the state government. It offers an excellent opportunity for educated unemployed youth to start their own business by setting up an MPOnline Kiosk and providing portal services to the people.

Q : How to register on the MP Online portal?

Ans : To register on this portal, you need to visit the official website and fill out the registration form. The complete application process is mentioned above.

Q : Can anyone register on the MP Online portal?

Ans : Yes! Any resident of Madhya Pradesh can register on this portal.

Q : Is it necessary to register on the MP Online portal?

Ans : Yes, if you want to avail yourself of the benefits of various government schemes or apply for MPOnline scholarships, you need to register on this portal.

Q: Can a person from another state register on this portal?

Ans : Yes, they can, but they can only avail benefits from schemes meant for residents of Madhya Pradesh.

Q : Is the MP Online Kiosk 2023 registration free?

Ans : No! If you want to open an MPOnline Kiosk store, you’ll have to pay the fees as determined by the government.

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