Now Online Common Entrance Exam for Agniveers in the month of April Indian Army changes the recruitment process

Common Entrance Exams for Agniveers : Pan India Recruitments: Army Announcement


The Army has given the green light to firemen recruitment, which has been a hot topic in the country. The recruitment process has undergone significant changes. Online Common Entrance Exams (OCE) will be held.



New Delhi: This is the most controversial scheme in India.. Agnipath. This new scheme was introduced last year by the central government to join the three forces. The country was rocked by a large-scale protest. Protests were voiced by thousands of candidates. As part of this protest, attacks on central government property continued. Trains and stations on railways were set ablaze. Similar incidents occurred in Secunderabad.



Many candidates also lobbied against the Agneepath scheme. The army officers have begun the recruitment process in the face of opposition. The recruitment of fire fighters continues in stages in many states throughout the country. All eligible candidates can apply to the Agnipath army. Visakhapatnam also had firefighters.



Important changes.. Army officials made significant changes to the selection process for fire fighters. Common Entrance Exams for Firefighters will now be available online. This announcement was made a while back. All firefighter recruitments will now be done online, instead of at rallies. The Common Entrance Exams must be taken online first. The authorities will then conduct the physical exam.



Officials stated that the first online common entrance exams have been set for April, and not in recruitment rallies. He stated that the next round will only be open to candidates who have passed the April online common entrance exam. The Common Entrance Exam will take place at approximately 200 locations across the country. According to Army officials, it will be conducted at the pan-Indian level.


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Register by the 2nd week. Online registration will be available for those who are interested in taking these exams. Applicants must submit their applications online. The second week of the month will be used to begin the application process. Deadlines for filing applications are months. These dates are not yet finalized.



The process of selecting candidates is simple. The process of selecting candidates will be easier, he said. He stated that only applicants who have passed the Common Entrance Exams are eligible to take the physical and medical exams.


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