Google has announced that it will launch its own chatGPT Called BARD AI

Google has announced that it will launch its own chatGPT technology very soon Bard AI


Google will likely launch its chatbot technology to the public in the “coming weeks and months” in response to ChatGPT’s success following the artificial intelligence chatbot, backed by Microsoft, that became a worldwide phenomenon after being made free to all.


Google’s chief executive, Alphabet Sundar Pichai, said that AI has reached an “inflection” point and that the company is “extremely positioned” in this area. Pichai spoke about the two large languages models that the company has created, LaMDA (large language model) and PaLM (large language model). The former will be made available to the public shortly.


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CNBC reported earlier this week that an AI chatbot, Apprentice Bard which has similarities to ChatGPT, is being tested at Google. It uses LaMDA technology.  LaMDA emerged after an engineer claimed that LaMDA was “sentient” and was initially suspended.


Google called Blake Lemoine’s claims about LaMDA (an acronym that is used to describe the language model for dialogue applications) “wholly unfounded”. Pichai stated that, in a conference call with Alphabet’s investors, “In coming weeks and months we’ll make these languages models available, starting at LaMDA so people can engage directly with them.”


Pichai indicated that Google will likely integrate chatbot technology. He added that “very soon, people will have the ability to interact directly avec our newest and most powerful language models, as a companion for searching in experimental or innovative ways.”


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Google released a set of LaMDA demonstrations last year as part its “AI Test Kitchen”.  Pichai also highlighted the achievements of Alphabet’s UK-based AI Unit DeepMinds. He stated that 1 million biologists have used its database of all 200m protein known to science.


Michael Wooldridge, a computer science professor at the University of Oxford, said that OpenAI “put a firework under the world’s major tech companies” after ChatGPT’s launch


They were able to do this with only a fraction the employees of large tech companies. This must have been a source of consternation for Silicon Valley boardrooms. Professor said that he expects to see other large tech companies pivot towards large language models, generative AI, and a rush to get products on the market and secure a userbase.



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