Petrol Price Today: In these states change Petrol price ? What is the status of petrol rate in the state?

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Petrol Price Today

Current Petrol Price: Since most Indians commute by car, which runs on gasoline and diesel, most people in India are waiting to hear when the cost of gasoline will change. The nation’s gas prices fluctuate little every day, and frequently, the government also alters these costs significantly. You can find the most recent information on Petrol prices in your state in this article.

The nation’s drivers always feel a great sense of relief when gas prices decline. Thus, it is imperative that you stay informed about the current gas prices in your area.

The price of gasoline in New Delhi, the nation’s capital, is ₹96.72 a litre as of today, November 6 , according to the most recent figures released by oil companies. The current gas prices for all other major states and cities are listed below.

Rate of Petrol Today

As of today, November 6th, the cost of gasoline in the Indian state of Maharashtra is ₹ 106.50 a liter. In addition, the current price of gasoline in the nation’s major states as of Novembe4th is listed below.

StateToday’s Petrol Rate (per litre)
Delhi₹ 96.72
Madhya Pradesh₹109.57
Jharkhand₹ 99.95
Uttar Pradesh₹ 96.20
Gujarat₹ 96.37
Punjab₹ 98.83
Tamilnadu₹ 103.91
Bihar₹ 109.26
Himachal Pradesh₹ 95.70
Haryana₹ 97.24
Jammu & Kashmir₹ 100.83
Andhra Pradesh₹ 110.88
Assam₹ 98.36
Chhattisgarh₹ 103.08
Karnataka₹ 102.67
Odisha₹ 104.60
West Bengal₹ 107.30
Uttarkhand₹ 95.59
Telangana₹ 111.90
Goa₹ 97.39
Arunachal Pradesh₹ 95.39

Today’s petrol price in other cities

Below we have written about the petrol price in the main cities of India today on 6th November .

CityToday’s Petrol Rate (per litre)
Mumbai₹ 106.93
Kolkata₹ 106.03
Chennai₹ 102.74
Ahmedabad₹ 96.42
Chandigarh₹ 96.20
Agra₹ 96.48
Gurgaon₹ 97.10
Dehradun₹ 95.28
Varanasi₹ 96.89
Ludhiana₹ 98.43
Jaipur₹ 108.48
Haridwar₹ 94.46
Ambala₹ 97.29

How to find out your city’s most recent gas price

You can also access this feature on your phone if you’re interested in learning how much fresh gas costs in your area. You must use SMS service for this; per Indian Oil’s main website, you must send an RSP message to the 92249 92249 number. After that, you will receive an SMS with the city’s petrol and diesel prices.

Current Diesel Cost: Present Diesel Cost in India

In addition, the official Indian Oil app provides up-to-date information on petrol and diesel prices.

Frequently Asked Questions: Petrol Price Today

Q : What is the price of petrol in New Delhi today?

Ans : Today petrol price in New Delhi is ₹96.72 per liter and diesel price is ₹89.62 per litre.

Q : Indian Oil Company’s Toll Free Number What are they?

Ans : Indian Oil Company’s Toll FREE number is 1800-2333-555.

Q : Do petrol prices change every day in India?

Ans : Yes, petrol prices change every day in India.

Q : What is the price of petrol in Uttar Pradesh today?

Ans : Petrol rate in Uttar Pradesh today on November 6th is ₹95.59 per litre.

Q : When does the rate of petrol increase in India?

Ans : Whenever the price of crude oil increases in the international market, the rate of petrol in India increases.

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