Today Diesel Price: Diesel is so cheap today, now the tank is full!

Today Diesel Price: Diesel is so cheap today, now the tank is full!

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Current Diesel Price:

If you own a car, you should be keeping an eye out for news on when diesel prices may drop in the nation. As an ordinary citizen, you will benefit whenever diesel prices in India decline.

Every month, the nation’s diesel costs fluctuate slightly, but occasionally, the government lowers these prices significantly to provide some respite to the nation’s car owners. How much does diesel cost in this nation? Going to read up on it.

You may read about the daily adjustments made by oil companies to the Today Diesel Price here. Additionally, this page is updated daily to provide you with the most recent information on Today Diesel Price. Tell me about the diesel rates in your state and city, please.

The Diesel Rate Today

As of today, November 6 th, the cost of diesel is ₹ 89.62 per liter in Delhi and ₹ 93.00 per liter in the state of Maharashtra. The current prices for diesel in the nation’s major states are listed below.

StateToday’s Diesel Rate (per litre)
Delhi ₹ 89.62
Maharastra₹ 93.00
Madhya Pradesh₹ 94.77
Jharkhand₹ 94.74
Uttar Pradesh₹ 89.37
Rajasthan₹ 93.62
Gujarat₹ 92.11
Punjab₹ 89.13
Tamilnadu₹ 95.52
Bihar₹ 95.91
Himachal Pradesh₹ 87.91
Haryana₹ 90.08
Jammu & Kashmir₹ 86.16
Andhra Pradesh₹ 98.69
Assam₹ 90.66
Chhattisgarh₹ 96.06
Karnataka₹ 88.58
Odisha₹ 96.14
West Bengal₹ 93.94
Uttarkhand₹ 90.50
Telangana₹ 99.90
Goa₹ 89.95
Arunachal Pradesh₹ 84.66

The current rate of diesel in cities

As of November 6th, 2023, the price of diesel is as follows in India’s major cities.

CityToday’s Diesel Rate (per litre)
Mumbai₹ 94.27
Kolkata₹ 92.76
Chennai₹ 94.33
Ahmedabad₹ 92.17
Chandigarh₹ 84.26
Agra₹ 89.64
Gurgaon₹ 89.76
Dehradun₹ 90.33
Varanasi₹ 90.25
Ludhiana₹ 88.99
Jaipur₹ 93.72
Haridwar₹ 89.57
Ambala₹ 90.49

How to Get the Most Recent Diesel Rate by SMS

This is also an option if you want to use your phone’s SMS capability to find out the most recent fuel prices in your city. You must use your cell device’s SMS capability for this. To receive an SMS with your city’s most recent diesel rate, send an RSP message to 92249 92249.

After that, an SMS with the most recent diesel prices in your city will be sent to you. In addition, you can use the Indian Oil Application to find out how much fresh diesel is being used in your city.

FAQ: Today Diesel Price

Q : Which company is the main oil in India?

Ans : Major oil companies in India are – Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, Reliance Industries, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited etc.

Q : Under which system do diesel rates change every day in India?

Ans : Under the Dynamic Fuel Pricing system implemented in the year 2017, there are changes in the rate of diesel every day.

Q : What is the price of diesel in Kanpur today?

Ans : Diesel rate in Kanpur today on 6th November is ₹89.45 per litre.

Q : Do diesel rates change daily in India?

Ans : Yes, new rates of diesel are fixed every morning at 6 am in India.

Q : When will diesel rates increase in India?

Ans : Whenever crude oil prices increase internationally, diesel rates also increase in India.

Q : What are the rates of diesel in New Delhi today?

Ans : Diesel price in New Delhi today is ₹89.62 per litre.

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