Rajesh Exports Story: Started the business with 10,000, today it has become a 13,800 crore company!

Rajesh Exports Story: India’s startup culture is expanding, and as a result, new businesses are launching there every day, which is driving fast economic growth. We have a story for you today from the startup and business sector of a person who started with a little 10,000 loan and went on to build a massive firm valued at crores.

We are discussing Indian businessman Rajesh Mehta today. He is the proprietor of Rajesh Exports Company and has grown its value to 13,800 crore rupees via perseverance and hard work. One of Rajesh Mehta’s nicknames in the Indian startup scene is “gold merchant.”

Thus, we will give you the story of Rajesh Exports in today’s post and explain how Rajesh Mehta turned this company into a multi-crore enterprise. We should also mention that Rajesh Mehta’s company, Rajesh Exports, was listed on the stock market a few years ago.

Rajesh Exports Story Overview

Startup Name   Rajesh Exports
Founder              Rajesh Mehta
Date of Birth20 June 1964 (age 59)
WifeLeena Mehta
Homeplace        Gujarat, India
Revenue (FY21)                Approx. $32 Billion
Official Website                http://rajeshindia.com/

The first day of Rajesh Mehta’s

Rajesh Exports Story: Started the business with 10,000, today it has become a 13,800 crore company!

India’s Gujarat state is the birthplace of Rajesh Mehta. Since he was young, Rajesh had wished to become a doctor; yet, it’s possible that this ambition was not predestined for him. Jaswantari Mehta is his father, and he used to work in the jewelry industry. Rajesh’s studies were conducted in Bengaluru, Karnataka, as a result of his father’s visit to the state for his jewelry company.

When Rajesh was sixteen years old, he began assisting his father in his business while still in school. Rajesh began the process of establishing Rajesh Exports because, while working in the jewelry sector with his father, he had decided to make a significant impact in the field.

13,800 crore corporation founded with 10,000 in debt

Rajesh borrowed Rs 2,000 from his brother in order to start his career as a jewelry maker, and he later obtained a Rs 8,000 bank loan. In 1982, Rajesh founded Rajesh Exports, his company, after taking out a loan of Rs 10,000 in total.

Rajesh used to purchase jewelry on a small scale from Chennai and resell it in Gujarat. After some time, he expanded his business and began selling jewelry from Hyderabad to Chennai after finding success in this line of employment.

The most significant turning point in Rajesh Mehta’s life occurred when he began producing gold jewelry in 1989. In Bangalore, Rajesh established his own little gold production business from which he sold gold goods globally. Today, that modest business has grown into Rajesh Exports, a company valued at approximately Rs 13,800 crores.

Additionally, the business is listed on the stock market.

Additionally, we would like to inform you that Rajesh Mehta’s company is listed on the stock market and has a market capitalization of 13,800 crore rupees. Rajesh Exports Company currently produces over 400 tons of gold jewelry annually, which has helped them establish a unique reputation as a gold exporter throughout the world.

We also want to let you know that Rajesh Exports operates a gold refinery of its own in Switzerland. Rajesh Mehta’s positive outlook and self-belief have enabled him to grow his business to such a large extent.

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Rajesh Mehta Interview

FAQ: The Story of Rajesh Exports

Q : Rajesh Exports Company was founded when?

Ans : Gujarati resident Rajesh Mehta founded Rajesh Exports in 1982.

Q : What is Rajesh Exports’s current revenue?

Ans : Rajesh Exports’ revenue for this year is approximately $32 billion.

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