SBI Asha Scholarship: SBI Scholarship for poor students

SBI Asha Scholarship: Many underprivileged pupils desire to learn. However, a lot of them stop their education early since their financial situation does not allow them to do so.

To help these gifted youngsters, the massive state-owned bank State Bank of India is launching a special effort. Scholarships are offered by the SBI Foundation to help underprivileged students. It is available to qualified sixth- through twelfth-grade students. Applications are being accepted nationwide by SBI under Asha.

SBI Asha Scholarship SBI Scholarship for poor students
SBI Asha Scholarship SBI Scholarship for poor students

Students who meet the requirements will be awarded a stipend of Rs. 10,000. The last day to apply for this is November 30, 2023, according to the foundation. Students can use the online application process at to finish their application. Any Indian student who graduated from the previous academic year with a 75% grade is qualified for this. Additionally, it is prohibited for their family’s annual income to be higher than Rs. 3 lakh.

In order to apply, students must submit certain crucial documents that the bank specifies. Together with the government identity card, mark sheet, fee receipt, school ID card or admission letter, and income tax form-16, one photograph must be submitted. It is necessary to register using a Gmail account or a mobile number. Applications will be shortlisted and worthy candidates will be found based on their financial situation and academic standing. Ultimately, in-person interviews will be conducted with the selected individuals.

The students’ accounts that successfully complete these procedures will be directly credited with the award amount. If students have any questions about the application procedure, they can reach them immediately at 011-43092249. The 303 extension number needs to be chosen in this case.

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